Toshiba Big Screen Laptops

I’m pretty sure these can play Angry Birds. :wink: That said, let’s get into the specs comparison!

There’s quad-core, then there’s Intel i7 quad-core…

And yes, I’m writing this on a Toshiba i7 quad-core 17.3" laptop. :wink:

Been using Toshiba since '03, when I got my first laptop. (On my second now. Relatedly, hey, remember when 40 gig was a lot of hard drive space??) Both were/are Satellite systems. Always happy with what they offer.

While they may not be i7s, the AMD APUs that are packed in these however, come with a fairly decent GPU portion, compared to the intel counter parts. They will play games (re: WoW/D3) well within playable standards, and surprisingly well for the price point.~

Would any of these laptops be good for playing Diablo 3?

Read: I have a Samsung with a similar APU and general specs, I get about 30FPS+ @mid settings, 1440x900. That’s about what you can expect.

I saw the post about the processor, just wasn’t sure if that was talking just about the processor or the computer as a whole. Am I correct in thinking the Radeon HD 6520G is a little better than the Intel HD Graphics?

I guess my question is which is better: the AMD Quad-Core with the Radeon HD 6520G, or the i3 processor with the Intel HD graphics?

Miles better. Just check out these Youtube videos That show the APU in action. Pretty much regardless of the other hardware you have (within reason), how the games are performing in these videos is roughly what you’ll get on your laptop.

(If you don’t trust my link for some reason, Youtube search AMD A6-3400M)

Please more Intel Based Laptops and less AMD ones. They clearly sell waaaay better.

I got one from Woot a few months ago and (except for the BLOATWARE) I am very pleased. It’s better than I hoped and I don’t care that it’s refurbished.

The Intel laptop that looked like that best buy (L775/S7350B) had a grand total of ONE available.

CPU comparison:
AMD A6-3400M Vs Intel Core i3-2310M | Compare Processors -

Graphics Comparison
AMD Radeon HD 6520G vs Intel HD Graphics 3000 | Compare Processors -

to put it short the AMD is better.
idk WHY SO MANY people want Intel iCore systems Virtual processors are not as good as physical ones… Also the iCore processors sold in these systems are only second gen so they are not as good as a current gen. Also Sure the AMD is the Entry Level quad core processor for laptops the i3 is an entry level iCore CPU and is like I said 2 cores each with 2 virtual cores.

Anyway with whats left the AMD is the better system and its cheaper.

Just put a lowercase “i” before your products name and some reason they sell

Everyone needs to buy a couple iThings to be popular now!


While I disagree with the assumptions on the differences in performance with the two processors; what makes the difference in these laptops is that the AMD’s have a real graphics processor, compared to the Intel laptops.

“Intel HD graphics” is not realistically capable of playing any types of games from the last 5 years at least. The AMD APUs, with their Raedon 6520, will be able to run games, even ones that came out this year.

If you absolutely could not care about playing a game, get the Intel one, and let someone that does care get the AMD one.

does this one have Touch pad with multitouch sensitivity similar to an iPhone ??

I posted this in the other Toshiba laptop on the front page:

I have this laptop with an AMD A6 3420M 1.5GHz that I purchased new from BB because I had $200 in gift cards courtesy of my bank. :smiley:

Retail in Jan 2012 was a little over $430 and came with only 4gb RAM, 500GB HD, and a regular DVD/burner optical drive. Since then I upgraded the ram to 8GB for $35 and a BluRay Drive w/Lightscribe for $30 from Fleabay.

WEI is comparable to an I3 2350M @ 2.3ghz that’s in my wife’s Samsung Series 3. However, like all the internet reviews, AMD’s built in graphics card is more superior and better for gaming. It can also be overclocked (though I don’t plan on trying it)

WEI for the AMD: 6.7,7.3,5.9,6.5,5.9

WEI for the I3: 6.6,7.3,5.3,6.3,5.9

I may get an SSD for the Toshiba down the road.

Hope that helps a little bit for those who are thinking about picking one up.

{edit} I wanted to mention something about the touch pad. Though I’m not a big fan of laptop touch pads, this one works pretty well. If you’re like me that likes using cordless ones, then there’s a conveniently placed button underneath the spacebar that toggles it off.

Battery Life: 3 hours with wifi, 4 without.

Also, just came back from BB and took the WEI numbers from the L775 Toshiba equipped with an i3-2350M & 4GB of Ram: 6.7,5.9,4.7,6.2,5.9

The most glaring difference is the 3rd spec (Desktop performance for Windows Aero). AMD = 5.9 vs i3 = 4.7

Also upping the ram helps, RAM 8GB=7.3 vs 4GB=5.9

Note: I know there are better apps out to benchmark than the WEI, however it’s the only app available to use while at the store.

Bigger is Better, you say? Not so fast…

Please be mindful that a 17.3" laptop makes a suitable desktop replacement but it awkward at best when it comes to portability. I thought this would be a moot point for me when I purchased my 17.3" laptop as I thought it would remain stationary forever in the spot vacated by its desktop predecessor. As you might have guessed, I’ve had to take it on business/personal trips and that’s when I wondered why I hadn’t listened to those I thought were naysayers when they insisted a 15.6" laptop would be the largest I’d want to carry around. Don’t get me wrong–I love my large screen and i3 core processor. But I found out the hard way just how bulky it is to pack/carry and subsequently how easy it is to knock into things with it. Finally, after months of searching, I was able to purchase one of only two reasonably priced backpacks with a dedicated laptop section big enough to hold it (and then just barely). Now at least I can go through TSA inspection and bring my laptop on board in carry-on luggage that doesn’t embarrass me. Previously, I was reduced to carrying this laptop in a canvas beach bag; I’d like to think it exuded chic sophistication but realistically it was pretty ghetto. Go ahead and buy one of these 17.3" laptops if it’s really what you want–just keep in mind that portability will be awkward as you’ll have a challenge finding a laptop bag or backpack big enough to carry it. The key to keep in mind is that most laptop bags and backpacks are rated for a maximum 15.6" laptop.

My Toshiba 17" is lighter than my 6 year old Dell 15" Inspiron Core2Duo. The screen size is a huge plus when working with big spreadsheets and quickbooks.

There are a lot of affordable 17" backpacks/cases. This one “V7 17-Inch Professional Frontloader Laptop Case” is only $20 on Amazon. The backpack I am currently using is on sale for $25 (from 40) called a Case Logic 17" Laptop Backpack."+backpack

I take mine to work all the time.

Do any of these 17"-ers allow for a second Hard Drive? I recall that most of the cheapo (er, inexpensive) Toshi’s DO NOT.

I bought the 15.6 in first time buying something from here how long does it normally take things to ship