Toshiba Bluetooth Android Keyboard



Will it work with a Mac?

Seriously - will it work with an iPad…

Thanks to those that answered… I figured it would “work” with an iPad given that it is basically a BT keyboard, but it lost its luster due to the special keys geared to Android (most likely) not being worth a darn for an iPad.


C’mon, my tax refund just came in and I’m trying to be really stupid about spending money on stuff I don’t need…


This just won’t cut it tho.


I don’t see why not.
This keyboard is Bluetooth HID compliant. If your iPad supports Bluetooth HID, it shouldn’t not work.


At this price, for a compact Bluetooth keyboard, I can’t not get it. I like my compact keyboards, and ALL my devices, portable or not, are Bluetooth enabled.


Is it dishwasher safe?


As someone else said, I do not see why not. BUT, the special keys will not work on iOS as expected. You really want an iOS compatible one so that you get a home key, volume, brightness,etc that all work on iOS. No guaranteeing any of the hot keys will do what is expected.


Sure, It will not hurt your dishwasher!


it looks a lot like the Bluetooth keyboard for the HP Touchpad.


Not this one. The internal battery will explode if you try. I know what I said in a previous comment about keyboards and dishwashers… Unless you want a flaming dishwasher, please don’t do it.

Although it will go well with all those Galaxy Tab 2’s y’all just bought.


Amazon reviews here:
Sounds like some problems with the battery and primary compatibility with the Toshiba Thrive< and those that connect with the Thrive seem to love it. No word on iOS, though.


… How do you get battery problems on something this low-power? ._. - The compatibility thing is expectable, sadly.

-Edit: Top reviewer when I viewed quoted success pairing to an iPhone 4S.


Is it time for MythBusters?


Okay. So I’m exaggerating here.
It’ll still damage the battery pack, which apparently on these keyboards is already questionable and/or undersized.
Still not recommended.


I am sure it will pair, and the letter and numbers and enter will all work, but I would not expect the hot keys to do what they are labeled.


:slight_smile: I just think if putting this in the dishwasher was someone’s first question, they failed the purchase turing test and should not be allowed to buy this! :slight_smile:


If the typewriter has Bluetooth, definitely. Not sure about iPad.


There’s one for $17.99 including ship. Not sure if it will work with ipad either. It’s a full size keyboard. 13x6


Forgot to tell you it is at 1saleaday.