Toshiba CAMILEO 1080p Camcorder



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Toshiba CAMILEO 1080p Camcorder
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I gotta say those speakers really started to fly after I posted my picture of them (You’re welcome)


Being that this is only $50 is it any better than the HD recorded on high-end smart phones?


its so little!


My stage name is CAMILEO


Yes and the sound is much better as well.


TT: do you know if Woot lights will ever be available again?


Will this stream to a Raku?


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Don’t know but I added them to my list of product requests that I collect each woot-off. I send my list to the head honcho at the end of each woot-off.


Don’t buy this, I saw this on Woot once before and CNET rated it horrible. You can get a Kodak ZX3 or ZX5 for $39.99 to $59.99 which is a much better portable HD camera…and they’re waterproof.




Blue Oyster Cult


Is that like a Roku topped with Ragu?


I see what you did there, reverse psychology! Tell everyone not to buy one and they will sell quicker. Clever!?


Batman-on-Catwoman. Yowza!


re: the still picture capabilities…

5MP sensor, taking up to 16MP shots.

Yeah, right.

But for $50 this is probably worth it for making videos.


Yup! You sure move sales CowboyDann! How’s it goin’?


So this HAS to be the 2 day woot-off at least. They wouldnt put this up with 20 minutes to go with this high of a stock.