Toshiba CAMILEO 1080p Camcorder

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Toshiba CAMILEO 1080p Camcorder
$39.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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WOO! Five dollar pizza!

It’s Summ-er! See I actually typed that.

Hey! Look! a cam-corder…

Well if that doesn’t beat all!

The cheap camcorder they must have made a million of . . . this thing will never die. Here it is AGAIN!

Another one?

At least it’s not a speaker or headphone or speaker dock or sound-producing related device.

I bought this camera a few months ago (same price I think) from Woot. It’s a pretty good camera. Very easy to use. The video quality is pretty damn good but it takes lousy photos. The sound isn’t bad either.

I am NOT buying a cam-corder called Cameltoe!

Im waiting for the Random shirts. My kids love them…or i love them for my kids.

I have a feeling they have quite a few of these to sell

Regarding the Bag of _ _ _ _ -

Camileo! Camileo! It will not ever go!
It should go!Go Go Go!

Although it doesn’t have much memory from the start or have a headphone port, or come with an hdmi cable like one of the better brands would, it’s STILL a good bang for your buck!

Aren’t “razor-sharp” and “interpolated” mutually incompatible? At least, if you’re trying to use this to capture reality. Also 16x DIGITAL zoom = big deal - I can digitally zoom anything with my keyboard toggle. It just won’t be razor-sharp.

CamilEO, dear, CamilEO.

Ah ha ha ha. That was funny.

Back Off Camileo…