Toshiba Chromebooks

The HD version sold out by 12:03am?

I got the C720 last year on Woot for $116 and that started my love affair with Chromebook. I then got a Chromebox, and now I turn on my PC once a week. I was ready to jump on this and then I see that it’s sold out already. I’m disappointed.

Yeah, frustrating. I’ve been eyeing the HD/IPS version on Amazon for a month, they finally show up on Woot, and they have about 3 of them to sell.

I paid $329 new for the one that sold out first – typing on it now. I carry it every day. I haven’t had one with less memory, so I don’t know how much worse, if any, the experience might be.

It’s pretty fantastic, I must say. The display is just excellent. If I had seen the sale, I might have bought another.

It really has me drinking the ChromeBook Kool-Aid. It’s now very difficult to go back to a PC or Mac and wait for boot-up, endless updates, … even launching an application seems endless by comparison. It’s a real problem. The ChromeBook is ready to work on my schedule, always within seconds. You never wait even ten seconds on a ChromeBook.

The only issue that I have is that the AC adapter jack has become somewhat sloppy, and I am concerned that it will break. It hasn’t yet.

I just got the HD version from when it was $199 and for sale all by itself. I love everything about it EXCEPT that when the screen is dark, the upper left quadrant shows about an 1/8 of an inch blotch (a group of stuck pixels maybe?) that shows up a faded red color. I’m trying to decide if I can live with it, or if I’m going to return it. I got it after having the first Toshiba 13.3 inch Chromebook that I got refurb for $129 after rebate from a a certain “Old” egg website. That one was perfect. So, caveat emptor.

I got the Full HD Toshiba Chromebook II when it was $180 on Woot. Nice piece of hardware, beautiful screen looks brand new. Fantastic deal for the price. I wish the processor had a little more oomph (an efficient I3 would be ideal). I also have Ubuntu installed via crouton. I have Minecraft running on it for my son. Minecraft is playable despite it being Full HD and running off of an atom based processor. The 4GB of RAM is plenty. An I3 would bring a lot of smoothness and a better graphics chip, but you would need a larger battery and active cooling. I love this chromebook - bottom line!