Toshiba Dual-Core Satellite Laptop with 17.3” HD+ TruBrite LED Display

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Toshiba Dual-Core Satellite Laptop with 17.3" HD+ TruBrite LED Display
$329.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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A light tasker

Old… Cleaning out the closet I see.

Hoping for just one or two.


I say we all boycott laptops until back lit keyboards are standard or at least optional on more than 3 models.

Unbelievable…2012 and you have to b&%$ a monkey to get a damned back lit keyboard.

We have phones faster than P4 desktops and 64 gigs of storage smaller than my pinky nail…server processors in laptops to check email and play youtube videos…but I still have to tilt my &%$#ing screen down to type this.

Or… know how to type.

Surely one of ya’ll need this… Right??

320 GB won’t even hold half of my pr0n collection.

On Amazon, a refurb of the same model with included warranty can be had for $378 (incl. insured shipping).

Here, the same product is $393 (incl. shipping and a 1 year SquareTrade warranty).

No deal!

Or, telekinetic keyboards. The way of the future.

I honestly wish I had a use for this. It’s make a nice Linux box…

The screen image has been redacted, but the redacted image credit remains at the bottom of the description.

I honestly wish that woot-offs would happen on a payday for a change.

This is $334.99 with shipping. What is $393???

Pappytonk: you are my HERO.