Toshiba DVD Player with 1080p Upconversion & HDMI

No Divx, No Sale

No USB, No Sale

I’m electronically stupid…is this a dvd burner!!! i’ve been wanting one for a long time? aka what does upconverting mean?

The Toshiba product page with MSRP ($79.99):

Looks like a pretty good deal to me.

region free code:

that is exactly what I was about to say!

Not a burner, a player…

Upconverting- [url=]

Just trust me people, a cheap PS3 is the best BluRay player AND one of the best upscaling DVD players. Get a PS3.

If you need to upscale DVDs and don’t want a PS3 buy an Oppo.

There’s no QAM tuner here, either.

How does the quality compare to an actual blueray movie?

I agree on BOTH! Must have USB, DIVX & Dual Layer support, or I am not interested.

It does have DIVX support according to Cnet review page. But that’s about the only good thing about it - if it was 2005. :slight_smile:

Toshiba XD-E500

* CNET editors' rating: 3.0 stars Good
  Detailed editors' rating
        Design: 7.0
        Features: 5.0
        Performance: 6.0
        Overall score: 6.0 (3.0 stars) 
* Average user rating: 2.5 stars out of 7 reviews
* See all user reviews

Product summary

The good: Solid DVD playback performance with extended definition (XDE) disabled; can play DivX, MP3, and WMA files burned on CDs and DVDs; can output DVD in 24 frames per second.

The bad: Expensive for a DVD player; XDE picture controls are best left off for the most-accurate picture; lacks features such as SACD playback and a USB port found on competing Oppo models; poor aspect ratio control on nonanamorphic DVDs.

The bottom line: The Toshiba XD-E500’s XDE picture enhancements don’t live up to the hype. While it’s a solid upscaling DVD player, its high price makes it a hard sell.

Not many dvd players that are gonna have tuners. No reason to.

As has been mentioned a couple of times, this does play the divx format, though probably not the Divx discs one could get at Circuit City several years ago.

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p.s. the remote looks different so it may not be the same model

Yeah, that’s a great idea since a PS3 and an Oppo are both $32.99 also.

Will it upconvert via component output or only HDMI?