Toshiba DVD Recorder with 120GB Series 2 TiVo



Little bit too far on the expensive side, plus I dont really need it and its refurb :frowning: No w00t sorry


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Toshiba DVD Recorder with 120GB Series 2 TiVo
$269.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Toshiba RSTX20 DVD Recorder with 120GB TiVo


Great looking woot today! but i am making one out of my home PC… back to work with me!


burn tv to dvd? … meh! night.


Meh… looks cool, seems like a good deal, but i’m just not a tv person. nite nite


too much for me too. especially for a refurbished.

good night!


whoa, weird site crash there for a second…

already have a DVR from my cable company, dont want to pay a subscription for this and have ads all over it, sorry, nite woot!


had a dvr for a while it was nice, but not worth paying for.

heh first page


Woohoo! A new woot site. wine.Woot? Cool idea. Any left from the Woot cellars?


i like my cable companies DVR, its a lot better i think


Does this thing clean windows?? I mean for that price AND a refurb?? WOW


This costs alot more than the 250G hard drives…
Even if you add in the price of a tv tuner…


See the reviews here on this model. Not a bad unit, I love tivo had it forever. The best ability to record shows from the internet via broadband that is transmitted to your dvr and automatically records.


A little to much for my taste for a refurb. Nite woot.


what the heck is wine woot, how many woots am i missing?


As per your statement, the unit only does DVD-R, NO +R. Not in my house.

Nite Nite Wood

Bring on the bag of CRAP.


Series 2 TiVo you say??? Only if I had the money WOOT then it would be a woot made in heaven.


I did, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside


Yep… haha