Toshiba DVD Recorder with HD Upconversion and HDMI Cable

Wh ippie!!!

can I record DVDs directly from my tivo programs?

This is pure bullshit! Why would I buy this piece of crap if i didn’t buy the LG?

g’morning… Did this turn into a DVD Recorder with HD upconversion Woot-Off?

woot offs used to be a great time of joy, and ga.yness. not its just G.A.Y.

I got this really for the HDMI cable, which is all of 2 feet long.

The upconverting on the palyer is nice, but since it doesn’t have a tuner, you can’t really record much with it.

No, not always bad. Just this wOOt-off. For some reason it just does today, yesterday same.

So can I send my cable box signal through this to convert my regular HD network fare from 720 to 1080?

No TV tuner… not such a good unit… I have a similar Toshiba model but it has a digital tuner…

I am looking for something like this for my 30g Zune. Any ideas?

I missed this and really want one please bring them back later in the woot off!!!