Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder

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Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder
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These things are an enigma at $60! You take a really poor VHS recording off TV and then burn it to a DVD? And the auto-menus are pretty clunky. Plus they don’t exactly put good VHS transports in them anyway, because by now, there aren’t any.

what are you going to record? It has zero tuners.

it’s a shame there is a limit of only 3, i would have bought 10.

These things are useful for burning your home VHS to dvd, but if you’re at all capable with a computer it’s cheaper and more future-proof to simply record and encode them to MP4 or another digital file and back them up online. I got a USB capture card and free software and spent a summer doing that with over 200 family VHS tapes, and now the family’s home video library fits on a 500GB external hard drive.

I hope you uploaded it to a cloud backup or even YouTube (set to Private) just in case.

A great point was made above-namely that these units don’t have an internal tuner. That means it can’t record from a tv source without an external tuner. I have a different brand’s unit that I’ve had for years and that I love and use all the time to record tv-it has it’s own tuner which it can record directly from. Something to keep in mind if that is important to you.

Whats VHS? LOL I find it hard to believe people still use these…

This price is pretty hilarious. I remember a time when these machines were so common that you could routinely find them for $75 or less. Cheap VCRs were abound then as well, now its impossible to find them… Not that there’s any demand as others already mentioned.

Found this at Goodwill for $5 pink tagged.

I am guessing this will not work on copy protected video tapes.

Exactly. I picked up a SONY verson a few years back. It’s pretty high end but still paid like 300.00 for it. My in-law had about 100 VHS-C tapes and I picked up an adapter, put them all on DVDs. Would have cost more then 300 to convert them at the local video repair shop. You can also hook up external devices too such as a HI8 camcorder and transfer tapes to a dvd. Uses are all over the map.

Man! Now I can finally watch that basketball VHS I got in my BoC!

So wait, this converts one obsolete format to another obsolete format, for only around 200 bucks? Wow. Party like it’s 1989.

Is it possible to PLAY on this as well as just convert/record?

I am holding out for an eight track player.

Well Nascar Dad, maybe you don’t like to preserve memories of your kids or parents, but many of us do. A dvd can easily be ripped to file formats that can be played on many modern devices.