Toshiba DynaBook 15" FHD i7 256GB Laptop

Toshiba DynaBook 15" FHD i7 256GB Laptop

A good review of a beefier version of this, with 32GB of ram & 1 TB SSD - He points out some quirks with track pad & audio, focusing on Adobe apps.

Anyone in the know… is the RAM upgradable without breaking the warranty?

Here is the Amazon page for this configuration -

Not a terrible deal, but if you search Amazon or other sites, you can see a lot of laptops in the 14"-15" range with this processor and similar specs between the mid-$400s (refurb) to mid-$500s. The big draws here are the integrated optical disc drive, which is slightly uncommon these days, and Windows 10 Pro, which is nice if you’re expecting to use Bitlocker, RDP, etc. The NVMe SSD is somewhat less common at this price point, but on a laptop with a U-series processor I wouldn’t expect it to make a huge difference in day-to-day performance. For a power user who can take full advantage of a Pro installation of Windows, though, I’d expect at least 16 GB of RAM.
Also note that the Amazon link posted previously is not entirely accurate – the lowest config on that page is 8GB RAM/512 GB SSD, which is twice the storage of this model.
Overall? Not a bad price for a new enterprise-grade laptop that should perform reasonably well, but watch the RAM (hopefully it can be upgraded).

Specs say USB Type C but I don’t see it in the photos provided. Can any one confirm this does in fact have USB Type C support?

Confirmed it’s USB-C. We found a photo that shows it better. :slight_smile:

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Goodness, that keyboard looks like my old Atari 400. That thing was terrible to type on. Slightly tempted for nostalgia sake but then again not so much :slight_smile:

Bought it because Toshiba has proven to be the most reliable home use laptop for our family and this enough memory for our purposes. From shopping online this is a good price and I’m very happy to finally have a computer with SSD.

Hi ,
I missed this deal but I found it while researching laptops I am considering buying. Can you tell me how much the laptop was 10 days ago on Woot and what the config was? Thanks for your help.