Toshiba Gigabeat 40GB MP3 Player

Froogle Link $166 lowest

Yahoo! Shopping Link $199 lowest

Shopzilla Link $198.95 lowest

Amazon Customer Review Average 4/5 stars

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I know it looks like a great deal, but i havent ever heard of this, so think of the lack of accessories that would be available…

I have the F20, and it is greatttt

very reliable.

I had an iPod 3g and this is much better.

Just bought the iRiver H10!

More Info Here:

Looks kinda like an old nintendo controller. No Thanks.

Looks pretty darn nice.

Ahhhh! Another attempt to get me to the darkside of MP3 players!! May the power of christ compell you! Dont give in! CDs forever!! Cackles loudly as the “buy” button is clicked

not a bad price…averages around $200 on froogle

:confused: I already have an Ipod

Will this work as good an iPod???


This mp3 player is, how can I say this gently … not good.

Seriously, if you’re going to spend that kind of cash on an mp3 player, get an iPod – it will be worth it.

$169.99 +5 for shipping

This looks good. Anyone know about this product?

It’s no IPOD!!! And it can’t make toast either!!


I finally break down for the 30gb iPod and Woot does this to me!

Awesome deal…sign me up for one.

will it work with the ipod sound system on here 2 days ago?

i just bought this from fry i guess before 1 and half week back
79.99 after rebate for 40 gb

i would rather say nearly free… for 40 gb
But let me tell you its gr8
the sound quality is awesome…
i think best mp3 player for the price i ever bought

I looked into the smaller capacity version of this player the other day in an deal that got cancelled.

FYI to buyers, supposedly the usb connection is only usb2.0 if you use the inferior bundled Toshiba software. If you sync using anything else (IE - Windows Media Player) you are limited to slow USB1.1.

Tempting, but a little pricey for me to bite…