Toshiba Memory Cards

As listed in the description, these are only class 4, which means they have fairly slow read / write capabilities. They are not the best to use in a digital camera as you will have a noticeable lag between being able to take pictures. They will work fine for using as a transfer device between laptops, or maybe as extra storage for a tablet. Just keep in mind that the slow read / write speed will be noticeable when loading large files onto them.

These are great for older digital cameras that don’t do video recording (i.e. Nikon D40 - D60). Just be careful about the 32GB one, some older cameras can’t read cards that large. I’ve had no problem with up to 16GB ones in mine though.
The slower write speed isn’t a big deal on most digital cameras when shooting stills since the camera has a buffer built in, but you will still notice the slow performance when transferring to your computer.

Nite of the living class 4 sd cards…I guess they still have a large stash from the last class 4 sale when most people (including myself) complained about poor performance…Here is a 16gb for $11( or go with a 32gb class 10 for $20 ( some alternatives that are a better deal in my opinion as they will be more useful over the life of the product. Once you figure in the cost of shipping from woot, you can see which is the better deal.