Toshiba Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

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Toshiba Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone
Price: $14.99
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Lots of very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) from across the pond at

You went across the pond because the Amazon reviews were much less impressed with this speaker.

That made me curious: here’s the link to the amazon page

I have the black one – I love it. Going to get a white one for my mom.

Great sound. No issues. Only small complaint would be how hard it is to push the little buttons … but you can control everything on the device to which it is sync’d.

Uses mini-usb, so you’ll need yet another cable for charging when you travel. :frowning:

$5 at walmart will get you a usb cord (with wall adapter) with a split end, featuring both a mini- and micro-usb connector. Bonus: you can use both connectors simultaneously to charge. Don’t have the brand/package handy from my the ones I bought, but they were hanging on and endcap.

Brilliant write-up. Thanks!

I’m looking for a speaker for my middle school classroom. This is a great price, but very small. Can it fill a room with music?

To overcome the sound made by a gaggle of middle school monsters you may need one of these:

That made me laugh out loud. Thanks! :smiley:

Will this work with an iPhone 5 and an iPod touch?

Mrs. Brock: Just get a big cardboard box, turn it on its side, and put the speaker (any speaker) inside. You (and your students) will be amazed by the sound that comes out of that box compared to the speaker alone.

I use this trick in my classroom, and I am going to get this speaker to put in the box because it has bluetooth.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of your summer.

I could use these for rooms where I make a conference call and there’s no speaker phone already there. Cool.


Will this work with a Samsung Galaxy 6 while eating cheese at a park holding a Yellow Balloon.

No, it is not compatible with the yellow balloon. You will need a Yellowtooth device for that. This is a Bluetooth device.

Can you sync more than one speaker at a time or only one works at a time?