Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX Playback

What’s up with the different model number, woot?

Froogle Link Minimum Price $29.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $54.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $95.51

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 3.5/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page

Yeah, Maybe if it wasn’t a refurb.

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Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX Playback
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Toshiba SD-K850 HD Upconverting Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HDMI Out and DivX Playback

Nice product… even nicer price… too bad it’s on a refurb (roxorz!)

HD Upconversion is sweet but DivX playbay closes the deal. In for one!

divx?? does this mean i can burn my movies and watch them on this thing?!?

Pricing… Hard to find this model…
Amazon … $115.00+ (same model)

Other related info
Some similiar models…

Toshiba SD-4980 … $54.99

Not including shipping, tax.

looks nice but to loong and ref.urb and only 90 days warranty.

Meh, I have 5 DVD players if you count the videogame systems. This is not really needed by most visitors to this site. Goodnight woot (at least it’s better than the thumbdrive locks)

Can this be made to play all region DVD’s ?

Shopzilla has this one instead… a little more… but better… as far as i can see, they don’t have this exact product… but plenty of other solid Toshiba players with prog scan.

NO ONE’s got this product… i checked every single comparison engine i possibly could… so you can get an idea from shopzilla i suppose… .but really… its on you to decide… enjoy that…i’m sure it’s a solid woot.

Since it’s refurb, does that mean it doesn’t break all the time, freeze up, refuse to play some DVDs, and be all-around buggy?

Nah, I already have too many DVD players. Although the HDMI out is a nice feature… Still no… going to bed.

does it come with an HD TV? that’d seal the deal for me. does anyone know if there are upconverting DVD players that will output up to 1080p (not that it would be any different than 720p in this case)?

Will it upconvert to HD through the component video cable??

it has bad reviews :frowning: it skips, firmware issue… thanks anyway woot!

g’nite everyone!

“Divx certified for DivX 3.11, 4.12 and 5x as well as DivX PRO”

There is a good chance that this will also support Xvid

Region Free Apparently, via remote code:

I was wanting some Beatles On Crack, but this is a pretty sweet deal, especially as I need a DVD player. Can I get a HDMI to DVI or VGA adapter so I can watch this on my monitor? If so I will definatly woot! I have to check if I have the cash tomorrow morning in my account.