Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX Playback

A DVD player with glitter? pfft. My Xbox can do that for free =P

Wow. This package (includes HDMI cable) costs less than the HDMI cable I bought for my player :-/

While searching for pricing I came across the following comments:

This behavior was confirmed by other users in the forum. Buyer beware.

SOLD! Been needing to pick up another DVD player since my Gateway DVD recorder has been acting up. Don’t have an HDTV yet, but the HDMI will come in handy someday.

I’d be all over this but with Gonzaga basketball coming up I will need to record the games. Woot, come up with a good progessive scan HD upconvert recorder and I’m in. Add a hard drive and I’m all in.

Negative on the refurb. I have a decent DVD player anyway. Yawn Going to bed. Dreaming that a bag of crap will appear sometime soon (without the jump drive locks).

Goodnight woot!

yes, denon just released one

I noticed it only plays DVD-R format discs and I have mostly DVD+R. Wonder if it would play this format too?

Oh crap! What a good deal!

I was just about to buy it but then I realized I can make do with the crappy disc spinner I have currently until the Wii comes out!

That player isn’t getting the worlds best raiting




Yes, there is a region hack you can use to make the Toshiba SD-K850 region-free. And apparently it has a built-in NTSC/PAL converter (though WOOT’s description doesn’t mention it.) However, the reviews I’ve found here and there on the web rate this player as pretty crappy.

Wow - my first helpful comment and first vehemous ThumbsDown recommendation :slight_smile:

Here goes … this is a (in the US at least) Costco-specific Toshiba model equivalent (identical) to the big-store (Best Buy etc) Toshiba 4980 player.

Dig up the reviews on avsforums and dvdrhelp … this is one BAD APPLE (not to be confused with all those faulty iPod)

Heck, I should just quote my own review from

If not for two fatal flaws (only one correctable), I would be keeping this cheap, excellent PQ Costco-sourced player.

  1. MASSIVE blue LED across tray. As others noted, this can be covered up, and turned off from the menu (although poweroff makes the feature revert back to on!)
  2. Frequent stutters/skips during DVD playback while upconverting (720p and 1080i). this is the fatal flaw that this unit shares with it’s non-Costco clone, the 4980 (if I remember the model number correctly). This is NOT only during the layer change on DL discs … happens anything from 2 to 5-6 times during every extended viewing session, and sometimes in bunches! Rewinding and playing through the same section is usually flawless … implying it’s not a disc/encoding problem, but some buffer overflow while upconverting.

The K-860 is expected out soon … I believe that’s a 5980 clone. I know it doesn’t have the blue LED, and moves the DVD tray to the left edge … but I sincerely hope it eliminates the skip.stutter bug.

That said, MP3/DiVX, XViD and upconverting are all as good as I would expect from a budget player. AMAZING value for money!

AddOn: FWIW, I now own the SDK-860 from Costco. Much better UI, nicer appearance, better ergonomics on the buttons, layout of the player etc … but it is still flawed. The only way to watch an entire movie upconverted over HDMI is to stop and power it off at least once after around 45 minutes of viewing when it starts doing the Toshiba-patented hop-skip-step-stutter with sound loss.

Suits me just fine for now … I’m waiting for there to be a clear winner (and a cheap woot, someday) of 1080p format disc player :slight_smile:

So there … two stubby thumbs down on a highly faulty DVD player, unless you won’t bother upconverting (in which case, it’s an excellent DVD/VCD/MP3/DiVX/AVI player)

Wow. This package (includes HDMI cable) costs less than the HDMI cable I bought for my player :-/

98 times out of 100 if they support DivX they support XviD since the codecs are so similar.

I have one it is junk, you might get the one i sent back for repair!!!

Nearly every review on this product is bad. Can’t find anyone with anything good to say about it except it comes with an HDMI cable.

This was coming from people that bought the similar unit from Costco for $59.

I really need a DVD player with an upconverter…

I bought a Toshiba DVD player earlier this year, not this model, just your basic player. By far the worst piece of electronics ever purchased. Artifacting all over the place, consistently froze hard and had to be unplugged to reset it. Such poor quality I will never by Toshiba again. And a refurb? Ugh, frightening.

I bought one last year from Costco for around $75. Some DVDs look great running through the HDMI on my HDTV, but others are hindered by the “upconversion.” So, I have to cycle through the modes each time to find one that works with a particular DVD.

It also has its share of quirks and won’t play PC burned DVD+R discs, something my ancient DVD does perfectly. I bought it as a quickie HDMI solution and for that it works pretty well. I’ll hold onto it until the HD DVD wars settle down a bit.

I own this I got it for nothing with all my best buy points from buying appliances for our new condo, the upconverted image over HDMI is really good not much different from the output over component though, but it is a little better.

Personally I am just going to wait for PS3 and use it for my next DVD player.

But this does look like a good price.