Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX Playback


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Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX Playback
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Toshiba SD-K860 HD Upconverting Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HDMI Out and DivX Playback

I have one and no problems it works great bought it in the woot off

Not bad, could use it with my new LCD i just picked up

Great price but refurb.

For réfurb’ed Tarantino films too?


Refurb, don’t need. Besides, next gen players are out anyhow. Why get an upscale when you can get the real thing.

THIN! nice. HD upconversion = good. DivX playback = nice!

But I’m cheap so I’ll pass. The next DVD player I get will be either HD or Blu-Ray

It seems to do Upconversion. That’s more than the PS3 can do.
Plays Divx, very nice.
COMES WITH 6 FOOT HDMI CABLE. Those cost about $100 separately.

is this good?

Here is the official page on no price listed on the page there.

But this has been on woot before at this price.

can’t even burn dvds? not for me

I have one from a previouse woot and love it !!

can it do 1:1 pixel output?

does it play xvid like tv episodes?

I have one. works good. i like it

any warrientys?

not bad, wheres the Xvid ?

Let’s to the time warp again…


Deja Vu of some previous Deja Vu.


These things must reproduce quicker than Gremlins!