Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD-R/RW/RAM Recorder


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WOOTZONE™!!! Please break for cows :slight_smile: Fines doubled in the WOOTZONE™

That was an awesome deal last night. When I get my next house, I swear I am going ot make a room just to have a projector and big screen! 100" baby!!!

Looks like tonight we are back iin the price range of most wooters. Great deal :slight_smile: What a cheap way to burn DVD’s!!!

Now that this is sold out, here is something to check out!

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Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD-R/RW/RAM Recorder
Your new favorite R2 unit
$119.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

All the local television media personalities know our name, and have ever since ‘84, when we captured some awesome maybe-it-is-maybe-it-isn’t UFO footage on videotape.

There we were, maxin’ and relaxin’ at the City Baseball League season-end picnic, filming Jeff Gallenbeck as he tried to swallow canned pear halves in light syrup without chewing. (Which was hilarious.) We didn’t even realize what we had until days later, when we reviewed the tape and saw the weird shapes in the sky behind his head, aeronavigating in tight V-formation.

We knew right away this footage would be worth mad cash. Our name would enter the amateur cinematographers’ hall of fame, along with those of Zapruder, Patterson, and whoever it was that taped the Rodney King beating! Wouldn’t you know it, though? We couldn’t get any local news affiliate to air it. Apparently, our old high school buddy Joel is visible in the background, engaged in what may or may not be cruelty to animals. There was a whole big legal fracas over it, which came to naught after he ultimately moved to Canada.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t cash in on our astonishing evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence the way you’d figure. And every time we played the tape for a new local anchor, trying to get him to buy an exclusive, the tape stretched a little, our footage got fatigued a little, and our dream—of retiring to Miami and acquiring a harem of South American bikini models—slipped that much further away. Now the thing’s so worn out that even the most credulous Baptist probably wouldn’t accept it as proof of anything more cosmic than dirty video heads. Bye-bye million-dollar check from “RealTV;” hello penny-a-word Woot copy-writing gig.

If only we’d captured this unbelievable footage 20 years later, in the era of the Toshiba Multi-Format DVD Recorder! We could have transferred our UFO video to durable, crystal-clear DVD right away, and we’d be doing the Macarena with Miss Bolivia by now.

The Toshiba R2, of course, does a lot more than just archiving your priceless home video collection: As with your TiVo-type digital video recorders, you can set it to record your favorite shows—but unlike some of those other recorders, you can take your shows with you when you visit your technologically backward relatives in their cable-free home, where there’d otherwise be nothing more interesting to watch than their proto-hominid progeny swatting each other with sticks in the yard.

Condition: Refurbished by Toshiba
90 Day Warranty from Toshiba
Daylight Saving Time Adjust
Time Zone Adjust
VCR Plus+ C3 Timer Recording
One-Touch Record3
Auto Title/Chapter/Thumbnail Creation
Auto Channel Setup
Channel Lock
IR Blaster for Cable and DBS Box Control (C3 Control)
Universal Remote with TV Controls
Fast Forward with Audio 1.5x
Fast Scan, Slow Motion
181 Channel NTSC Tuner
Disc Quantity: 1
Disc Record: DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW
Time Slip/Pause Live TV
Pause Live TV/Chase Play
Time Base Correction
Instant Replay/Instant Skip
On-Screen Camcorder Download Controls
Dimension (WHD): 430×69 x 319 mm
Auto Clock Set
Slow Motion: Forward and Reverse – 1/16, 1/4, 1/2

3D Y/C Comb Filter
Black Level Expander
Digital Video Noise Reduction Playback 3 D, Block and Mosquito DNR
10-bit/54 MHz Video Digtial/Analog Converter
Digital Cinema Progressive
JPEG Viewer
Multi-Drive Playback and Recording

LPCM/Dolby Digital (2Ch) Audio Recording
24-Bit/192kHz Audio Digital/Analog Converter
Dolby Digital and DTS Compatible Output
WMA & MP3 Playback1
3-D Virtual Surround Sound

S-Video Input – Rear (2)
RCA Video – Rear (2)
Front Panel A/V & IEEE1394DV Inputs
ColorStream Pro Component Video Output
Y, Pr, Pb
S-Video Output (1)
RCA Video (1)
L-R Audio Inputs – Rear (1)
Optical Audio Outputs (1)
RF Input – Tuner Pass Through Only (1)
S-Video Input – Front (1)
RCA Video – Front (1)
L-R Audio Inputs – Front (1) and Rear (2)
IEEE1394 with DTV Link
RF Output – Rear (1)


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Thatsa good woot… I would totally get one if I just didnt get a computer and has a duel layer burner in it.


I’m in for 1. gr8 w00t!!


Now this one looks good. Wow! I’ll be talking to the wife about this. <— nothing is for sale on this site. No one makes any money here.


Just don’t want -R / -RW :frowning:


You know, I think I’ll just stick with the TiVo…


Great woot tonight,



[quote user=“Woody1”]W00T has made deals with some highly recognized devils out there. Match the Tag lines of W00Ts to the Manufactures. Good luck :!:

Dude, you rock… these are great!!!


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nice woot!


Nice Woot, don’t need one…


looks like a sweet deal to me


This is on par with ebay at $120. The only advantage is the shipping which is normally about $18 on ebay…




In for 2. One for myself. bought another for a friend.


i picked up one! great deal as far as i can tell


bummer. not tonight.