Toshiba Quad-Core Laptop

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Toshiba Quad-Core Laptop
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Nice a num pad. I wish my laptop had that.

Ehhhh $500 for a refurb 1.4ghz??? Wow woots really slippin…

Toshiba does make a good laptop. I’ve had mine for years and I think I might be in the market to get a newer Toshiba.

Equivocal about Blu-ray…

I have the 15" version of this and it is awesome. 1.4ghz is kind of misleading because it goes up to 2.3ghz under load. It’s pretty fast. I can run Skyrim at medium settings without a problem.

Watch Toshiba try and sell you this laptop as cheesy as possible:

I bought a 15.6" width Toshiba with number pad 2 1/2 years ago for a mere $299 at Best Buy. Thing has been great in spite of the cat spilling grape juice on it.

Only a single core but W7 works perfectly and I can even run VirtualBox from Oracle and run XP inside a virtual machine. The virtual XP machine runs better than my 8 year old desktop XP machine. Handy for running my older programs.

Satellites are incredibly good machines. I’ve got the 15" Acer equivalent of this laptop, and with an SSD it’s a workhorse. Don’t let the 1.4 GHz fool you - unless you’re doing hardcore processing work, it is plenty of horsepower for most things, including a lot of newish games.

I would be all over this, but 17" seems too bulky for me, which is why I’ve got the 15" Acer! c:

I would cringe anytime anyone asked me what kind of Laptop I bought. I would hate to say:

Toshiba Satellite L Seven Seventy Five D S Seventy two twenty six laptop. That’s a mouthful.
Maybe that’s part of the reason the Ipad is so popular. Much easier to say.

Not all A6 laptops enable Turbo out of the box, or even have an option for it. I got a similar Samsung that was also clocked at 1.4 GHz and unlocked the Turbo with K10Stat. It’s also possible to get higher clocks, mine is currently running at 2.4 GHz at 1.15V. It’s not really much of an overclock as it can’t handle much of the heat, but the voltage is quite a bit lower than stock which will keep down temps whenever I’m gaming. It’s not a gaming laptop, but it can play games like WoW and League of Legends at medium to high settings without putting up a fuss.

EDIT: Oh, I might add that I got my Samsung at Best Buy for 400.

Welp, this one might take a while. Smoke break!

But the model number is in Leet-Speak:


is really:


Just pronounce it like this:


then you’ll sound even cooler than the iPad people.

I never let my cat drink grape juice

I just THOUGHT I’d be productive at work today…silly wootoff.

Productivity Denied.

Insert obligatory Mac compatibility post.

Bona fide Woot Off killa!!!

These are really selling in Wyoming. What do the Yellowstone scientists know that we don’t? A more likely question: Why are they all moving from desktops to laptops? Getting ready for a hasty departure?!