Toshiba Radius 15" 4K Ultra HD Convertible Laptops

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Toshiba Radius 15" 4K Ultra HD Convertible Laptops
Price: $699.99
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CPU Benchmarks

Can anyone determine if the HDMI port is HDMI 2.0? That would allow a 60Hz UHD signal, otherwise it is limited to 30Hz at that resolution.

My very first computer, the TRS-80c had 4K. I loved that machine. I upgraded it to 16K and then with my soldering iron and a piece of bell wire, I upgraded it to 64K. (2 pages of 32K) Then I added a video out port. Played a lot of Madness and the Minotaur on that one. Yes. Then my wife threw it away one day when I wasn’t looking. Sad day.

Is there another room for a SSD disc?

Does this answer that question (from the specs)?

(with 4K Ultra HD output capability)

If not, try me again and I’ll ask the team.

Heh, I probably wrote the manual you were reading for that computer.

I can guarantee that on this slim form factor, there won’t be another bay. But you can clone the HDD to an SSD, and get an external USB 3.0 enclosure Anker® 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Disk External Enclosure Case to house your HDD. You gan get a nice 500GB Samsung 850 SSD for $150 which is plenty of room for most people. Usually, I just put the 240GB drives in my laptops and it’s still plenty of room (those you can get for 70-80). I have a big old 17" laptop that has a second bay. I was so excited and sold that I really needed that extra storage- and I never use it. Definitly get an SSD to make this system achieve its potential, don’t worry about not having enough storage. In these days of streaming it’s not nearly needed as often, and when you occasionally do need it you still have the USB 3.0 option.

Look this item up on Amazon. There are widespread reports of poor product reliability and poor customer service from Toshiba. Amazon rating of only 2.7 out of 5 for 35 reviews.

you still have the tape back-up?

I was kind of close to my Timex Sinclair. While watching MTV, I use to code in 30 minutes of basic just to watch a stick guy dance across the screen. Graduated to a full blown TI-99 4/A (expansion box and all). Still have a functioning TI-99. Youngest is learning basic and extended basic on it. Along with playing Hunt the Wumpus.

As far as this offer, from my experience, lap tops weakest link is the hinges between the base unit and display. Your average user grabs the corner and opens or closes it which over time will weaken and break. It’s no surprise to see these back on the market.

I don’t know what product you’re referencing. This product seems to be the closest I could find based on the description and it only has 2 reviews, but they are both 5 star. I’ve had pretty good experience with these Toshiba Radius models. They are nicely designed pieces of hardware. But like any manufacturer they have a bunch of bloatware on them that you don’t need. Basically I go ahead and update everything I can (drivers and such through their service station) and then remove as much of the Toshiba junk that I can. Look if you’re worried for $99 you can add a square trade warranty for a year of coverage that even covers accidental damage- and you’re still ahead almost $300 from the Amazon price of $1088 new.

Is the memory on this laptop user upgradable? Are there two slots for sticks of RAM or just one? I would also like an answer to the other user’s question about having a second hard drive bay. My Lenovo Yoga has a second bay and is an even slimmer convertible than this one.

Nice looking laptop and I have had good luck with Toshiba products.

Too bad they put a 5400 rpm HDD in it, which will kill performance and there is no Network adapter or DVD drive.

You will have to upgrade the internal drive to an SSD or else you will be wasting your money. By the time you do that, there are better deals out there.

Specs state: Memory: 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz (Not user upgradeable).

It’s actually SDRAM upon further research, so 1 stick.

As for your other question, I doubt there is a second bay, I don’t see one listed.

And they are all true … I purchased this in February and have had nothing but trouble with it. Because of the lack of reliability, I am putting it on ebay for parts and buying an Apple or HP instead. This is truly a horrible laptop.

How much do you want to sell it for? Does it at least boot to a bios screen?

is that for a real SSD or an mSATA