Toshiba Satellite 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptop

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Toshiba Satellite 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Laptop
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Word of warning: Do NOT get this if you have any intentions of putting Win7 on it. I got a C55D from Woot a few months ago and the thing is now a brick. Toshiba does not make Win7 drivers for it, and if you flush 8 to put 7 on, you had better have a copy of 8 to put on yourself since this doesn’t come with the license or a restore disc either. (no, the license is not on a sticker on the bottom)

Otherwise, it runs Win7 fairly quickly. Unfortunately without any drivers (including network drivers) for anything, it just… well, it opens Notepad wicked fast.

But if you’re ok with 8 (I don’t know too many who are, but to each their own), and will never want to rebuild it, then you’re probably cool. It’s a good price for the specs.

something wrong with the sound? this video sthounds like theresh shumshing wrong wits it.

CPU information.

I’ve got a C55-A5245 which looks externally exactly the same as this one. Three things that I wish I knew before buying it:

Although the rest of it is matte, the screen is glossy and will collect fingerprints like crazy and glare in the light.

The trackpad is obnoxiously small and awkward to use.

And, the worst part, the texture on the piece that’s under the keyboard, around the trackpad? It collects what I can only imagine to be the grease and dead skin cells from my hands and is impossible to keep clean.

Yeah the CPU and graphics card are both weak, but I’m not playing games on it.

As a portable machine for programming, it’s pretty good for $250 since it has a four core CPU and RAM can be expandable to 16GB. I’ll just replace the drive with a $50 Kingston 100GB SSD, buy some more ram and hopefully I’ll be good to go with Ubuntu.

There are 2 alternatives to bricking the thing, though:

1- You really should make restore disks before you wipe any machine, assuming it doesn’t come with one. That will save you from being unable to un-brick it.

2- If you REALLY want to run Win7 on a machine without drivers for it, you can use VirtualBox (free from to do that. It’s easy and fast. All modern processors support hardware virtualization, which means Win7 (and Linux) will run at very-nearly-native speeds inside VirtualBox, even if you have them both open at the same time (as long as there’s enough RAM & they’re not competing too much for the CPU).

Microsoft requires OEM’s to ship any system with windows installed with a license sticker attached.

If it is not there contact who ever sold it to you or Toshiba you should have a win7 key.

You can download a stock windows 7 iso from a few sources. Create a disk or bootable USB install and use the key that should have been provided with the system.

[MOD: Starting with Win 8, they no longer use a sticker. The Win8 product key is stored in BIOS. It will not work for Win 7. You must buy a Win 7 license.]

Go to a torrent site and download driver pack solutions- burn to a DVD then run the program. I have had really good results with this. It’s the easiest way to find missing drivers and the torrents get updated all the time with new drivers.

Keep in mind this is an economy minded laptop for $250. The performance is on PAR with a Haswell Celeron 2955U. So if you need something cheap and don’t have many demands this will do. But (like the vast majority of windows 15.6" laptops) it still has crappy 1366x768 resolution- that’s a far bigger turn off than anything else.

I like Toshiba laptops further up their line, but this one is bargain basement specs & build quality. If you must go really low-buck this will get the job done for basic everyday tasks but treat it gently and realize that low price might represent false economy.

BTW, it seems the big box office supply stores put these specs (or at least so close that you’d never feel the difference in a blind test) from various manufacturers on sale regularly for exactly the same price, new.

Or better yet, go to to download & install classic shell. Main beef about Win 8 is the wacky tablet interface. We have a few Toshibas in the hizzy (two from woot, one from OD) & so far, so good. Get the Square trade warranty if possible.

Win 8 key, if that’s what came stock on the unit, is embedded within the BIOS. You’re covered. What you need to do is DL Win 8 (or Win 8 Pro, whichever was on the system) and install it via USB or DVD.

It can be done. I’d give you the build name to search for, but I don’t know if the Mods go in for that sort of thing.

As long as it’s from a legit site, it’s ok.

@ThunderThighs, would a torrent site be considered “legit”? :wink: