Toshiba Satellite 15.6" Full-HD Touch Laptop

Any software included?

Check out this “excellent” review over at and check out the product page

I bought this laptop new last month from Best Buy for $799 and with the 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-5500U processor. Features a 4MB cache and Turbo Boost processor speed up to 3.0GHz.
All the other specs are the same. Comes with apps installed and Toshiba utilities. No optical drive. Battery life is between 8 and 10hrs…believe it or not! Sound is excellent for a laptop. I really like this laptop. Glad I bought this one. the backlit keyboard is an excellent feature too!


do you ever open it all the way?

No, never had the need to open it all the way as the photos show. I use it strictly as a laptop with a bluetooth mouse and not as a tablet. Just my preference. Although, it does have a touch screen (which is nice) I never use it as such, but doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. It is very lightweight and the aluminum gives it a sharp look.

Is this not the same as the laptop below that you can get directly from Toshiba right now for $649.99???

Another question?

I am thinking hard about this one. But, in tablet mode it looks like the keyboard will be exposed to the rear/bottom (depending on how held). Are the keys disabled in this mode? Will I accidentally be hitting keys and the track pad causing me to curse a lot?

looks like the same computer…refurbished also. found a coupon code to save even more.

One thing to note per the Toshiba website: the RAM on this is not user replaceable, so if this is important to you, don’t buy this one. (Doesn’t say why… just that it isn’t.)

Yes it is the same, but why order from Toshiba when you can give the fine folks at Woot your business?

Helluva price for a i7 powered notebook.

Good catch. You save $5 ordering from Toshiba. Warranty is the same 90 day.

Because Woot! is a “deal” site and if you can find the same product elsewhere for the same price or less, it’s not exactly a deal?

The keyboard is disabled in tablet mode that review is also a good review to read regarding this. This youtube review is also a different perspective:

Basically I think this is a pretty cool design. I would not worry about the 8gb of RAM, that’s plenty for 99% of users. I would take that HDD out and swap in an SSD right away. The issues mentioned regarded fan blowing hot air over hands when holding in tablet/portrait mode, loud fan, squishy keys, and some sites talk about wifi issues.

I could live with the fan issues, squishy keys not a big deal to me because my typing $ucks anyway- the wifi would be my only serious worry. I hate using external adapters, especially when you have this nice of a laptop.

I love everything else about it- I think it’s a really cool design. It should be about $50 less, especially when you can get the same thing from Toshiba for the same price with free shipping. Similar to the Lenovo Yoga stuff.

JFYI, I found a 10% coupon code for the Toshiba site that drops the total down to $584.99…

For me no sales tax when ordering from Toshiba, something that need to be added to the final price

P55W-B5224 Product Support

P55W-B5224 Windows 8.1 User Guide

Toshiba still thinks you have all the RAM you’ll ever need.

From the User Guide:

Adding memory
Your computer comes with enough memory to run most of
today’s popular applications. Toshiba will not be responsible
for any product damage, data loss, service or part
replacement made necessary by improper installation of a
memory module.

Looked, but to no avail. Can you share the goods in here please?

I forgot to mention that the bottom of the laptop is not easily accessible. There are no compartment lids to access the RAM, HDD or battery. You would have to remove all the screws from the bottom cover and remove it.