Toshiba Satellite 15.6" Full-HD Touch Laptop

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Toshiba Satellite 15.6" Full-HD Touch Laptop
Price: $594.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Strong review

This HP seems better

CPU Benchmarks

Funny… I just bought this Tuesday night fromm Best Buy. New with full warranty so I paid more but that’s ok. It was specced out better than most other models in its class for less money. So far it’s been nice. Feel free to ask questions and I will see if I can help.

Ok, technically I bought the P55 B5112, so slightly different

Agreed…the HP ENVY 15-U011DX x360 at least has upgradeable memory, though you have to remove the system board, and the maximum “supported” memory is the 8gb that it comes with. Downside of that one is there are a lot of complaints in the Amazon reviews about the screen. And comically, one of the reviewers suggests this Toshiba model.

Regarding this Toshiba deal…why not just get the refurb right from Toshiba and save some $$$? Their refurb price is $599, free shipping over $499, and the following coupon code is available:

Extra $30 with Purchase of $599+ with Code: MAY301315

Total Price: $569.99

I will preface this by confessing that I am not very saavy when it comes to computer hardware…

The amazon reviews complain about the ability of this laptop to connect to wifi networks of 2.4gHz. Is this something that would have been fixed on a refurb? Or is it inherent in the computer?

I saw those comments too. No expert here, but I’m under the impression it’s inherent in the design.

So, as one that recently bought a refurb Toshiba let me warn you of how terrible these things are. Right out of the box, the DVD/CD component would not be recognized (let alone play a disc) and what followed was two hour of troubleshooting with a technician from India taking control and seeing the problem but not able to resolve it. His comment “lets reset the computer and see if that does any good.” Obviously it did not and he called back the next day to confirm. Then the WHAMMY, having bought junk that does not work, I now must spend another forty dollars to buy a container and shipping label to return the device for repair. BUYER BEWARE…

So, you bought another Toshiba, right? Not this one…because this one does not have an optical drive …

I feel bad for anyone other than a techie if they would’ve received the refurb that I got today from this sale.

-The case/bezel that surrounds the display and the back of it had some separation that I had to click back together.
-Wouldn’t power on
–Had to take the bottom off, noticed that the ribbon cable going from the power to the motherboard was loose. Reseated it, and it fired up.
-Windows 8 License won’t Activate.
–Luckily I can get a free, legit license through school.
-USB 3 port next to the power plug doesn’t work.
–Haven’t gotten that fixed yet. Updating the BIOS later, and if that doesn’t take care of it, I’ll check out drivers. I’ve got a bootable thumb drive I’ll use to test outside of Windows.

Bought this laptop, tablet transformer beast, set it up just to find out the speakers do not work.