Toshiba Satellite Athlon Dual Core 17" Notebook

1 Toshiba Satellite Athlon Dual Core 1.9GHz 3GB DVD-DL Burner 17" Widescreen

$449.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

lol, Dual core not Core i7

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Refurbished Toshiba Satellite Athlon Dual Core 17" Notebook, for $449.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Toshiba Satellite Athlon Dual Core 1.9GHz 3GB DVD-DL Burner 17" Widescreen

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better head to bestbuy…

is it possible to get an extended squaretrade warr on this? cause that would make it a bit more interesting.

I brought the cheese.

Huh? You’ll be lucky to see a Yorkie or Wolfdale on woot anytime soon, much less a i7.

I’m fairly certain they haven’t made laptop plans for the i7… though if they did make one I would have to ask why you would need one (and the rediculous price tag associated with it…)

i dont even think that processor can handle 3gb ram
think about it
by the time you’re using 1, maybe 2gb, the entire laptop will probably be slowed down to a crawl.
not a great deal, unless you want the big screen
but then again, all you will be able to do is watch movies anyway
no good games for this at all

I never understood complaints about not being able to game on a laptop…

I paid 400 for a DESKTOP to game on, if I wanna sit around & play, I use that (I had a great deal on a good video card)

A laptops only purpose to me is to carry around to work/classes and watch the occasional movie or goof around in a coffeeshop. If I want to do things that require tons of processing power, I got the much CHEAPER route of just having a desktop.

Besides that…I rather like not having back problems, and most “gaming” laptops come with the lovely stipulation of having a ton of extra weight.

As for the product itself. Buyer beware Toshiba Satellites tend to have alot of problems 3-4 years down the road. I have a P15 which started giving me I/o errors, the first of which was cruddy CD rom they had in it. Good luck rebooting windows on a laptop w/o a CD rom…

By cruddy CD rom, I mean Matsushita (the name implies everything about the company) They put their CD roms in, even though they make their own internal laptop CD roms…cause that makes sense?

But honestly this isnt a bad buy if you got a kid going off to school, the Satellite series does tend to be heavy though (since everyone wants to watch Cable/satellite on a 17 inch screen)

I don’t ever purchase a laptop with the intention of using it for 3-4 years… if it takes 3 years to have a breakdown i’ll be very pleased… if i don’t just upgrade before that.

squaretrade is listed right on the description page and I am sure on the buy page as well.

What is shown on the screen? A movie scene? If so, what movie?

Not enough information. 160 gig Sata hard drive but does not say whether it is 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm. I notice a lot of the cheaper notebooks on sale this holidays season have the 5400 rpm drives. Not worth it in my opinion if it does not have 7200 rpm. Other wise, decent specs for the price but I never buy computers that are referbed. Spend an extra $50 and get one with a 3 year warranty from Best Buy with almost identical specs.

It only has a 15 inch monitor but it is $70 cheaper and new. Note that it also has a 160 gig drive and it is only 5400 rpm.

the only people that will be purchasing those laptops are already lined up outside best buy. i prefer things shipped to my door, i hate B&M places, especially on black friday. this laptop is a decent deal, bout $100 cheaper than the same refurb anywhere else.

Good detailed review at
Pretty good laptop, but not great performance
From the review:
The Toshiba L350 series notebook offers consumers an excellent budget desktop replacement notebook with a great deal of features for a low starting price…”


hmmm, not a bad deal really… If I hadn’t picked up my cloudbook a few months ago, I’d definitely grab this one.

For the specs & the price, it’s a good deal. Although, the 90 day warranty is of some concern, especially on a laptop.

“I don’t even why I care,”

huh? did you missed a “know”??