Toshiba Satellite Laptops

anyone know if there is some way to upgrade the memoery for the C55D-B5206 model? woot/mfg says its factory install only, but is that the whole truth? crucial does list a few modules for purchase for it.

A little late, but hope this helps. I had that model and it seems like some have the RAM slotted in and therefore removable, and some don’t, which is probably why the discrepancy. Pretty much the answer I found was “maybe”.

I picked one of these up to use for travel, around the house, etc. I received delivery last night. Unlike most laptops I have seen, the bottom is a single panel with no cutouts to access anything but the battery. You might be able to access the ram if you removed the whole bottom panel but it might mean you need to disconnect some things to do so. Even if you do manage to access the ram slots, the motherboard might not support over 4GB.