Toshiba Satellite Laptops

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I’ve got $40 million for a satellite, but I don’t see the sale option.

See my later post in this thread for a detailed review of a Toshiba Satellite system.

I am looking for a laptop for my daughter. She will be a college freshman in the fall and I am totally lost at what she will need. She is going for a degree in education. Please help.

Educational degree program will not require intense graphics or calculations, so you will be pretty safe with just about anythign on the market that can handle running multiple programs at the same time while keeping a stream running and perhaps a youtube clip playing. (college kids use their laptops in place of tvs now).

I’d go with something like this, at least 8GBmemory, 1TB hard drive, and an A10, or intel i7.

If she will be using her phone for more streaming, then you could back off on the processor a bit, but I’d still stick with at least 8gb RAM.

This unit doesn’t look bad at all, but the hinges have me a little worried. (referring to Toshiba P55W-B5224 Satellite Radius Convertible Laptop, 15.6" Full-HD IPS Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-4510U)

I’ve now finished reviewing the Toshiba Satellite C55 C5240 for Amazon (I’m a member of their Vine reviewer program, where I’m sent different items to test and thoroughly review for various manufacturers and vendors). The delay was due to the limitations of my old system when transferring files over, and Toshiba’s reluctance to divulge certain hardware specs.

If the other Satellite systems are anything like the one I just reviewed, it’s really a great deal. In fact, the only significant negative (there are some minor ones, but nothing that should be an issue for most people) I was able to determine was Toshiba support’s reluctance to share any specs involved with upgrading the system, in particular the RAM. They seem to be wanting to encourage people to upgrade by purchasing entire new computers rather than simply swapping in new components. I ended up opening the system up and looking inside, and using Piriform Speccy to determine the motherboard configuration, chip set, and BIOS. Toshiba told me the system already has its max allowable RAM at 8 GB. I was able to determine that the BIOS, motherboard, processor, and chip set will quite easily handle double that by swapping in a couple of 8GB DDR3 SODIMMs with a frequency of 1600Mhz. Otherwise, the system is very streamlined. You may view the entire, detailed review here: Review: Thorough Investigation Reveals RAM CAN Be Upgraded to 16GB, Which Improves Digital Arts Applications & Media

Hope this helps those who are looking into a Toshiba Satellite!

What is the catch? Which satellite is it?

If you click on the sale, the model number is listed in the title.

Great review on Amazon! Are you at all familiar with the Toshiba P55W-B5224 Satellite Radius Convertible Laptop, the i7 version?

I do software development in C++, Java, and Python, so I am looking for something robust enough to handle multi-threaded apps as well as multi-tasking.