Toshiba SD-5000 Upconverting DVD Player with HDMI Out

time for a ditty…

Ok, So why the hey do my pictures keep coming out so small. They aren’t that small on the hosting server nor are they that small on my computer. How do I get it to post right?

i didnt know thw word p o r n was filtered

Eh too Skinny for my tastes

Can you rent her, right now… for real?

I smell a scam…

and oddly enough, fish.

come on already…

You know, I just realized something… albino animals are really cool

oh yeah, I got a wine bag too last time… I keep forgetting that thing.

yes, their math is undeniably flawed.

well the east coasters should be getting up early to check the wootoff pretty soon, right?

I’m East Coast… just got outta college for the year, so what better to do amirite? work doesnt start for another week either :X

who wants taco im buying lol

Hey!..That’s not my Bog O Consterpation!..Go Away…<–sure thing

yeps… too bad its not any more exciting…

We can only hope that they all need dvd players.

Pancakes is what “W–T–F” (without the hyphens) gets switched to.

you like fat boots?

yep, then they’ll cry when they see this junk up here.

then those of us who’ve been up all night will want to pummel them with lolcats until they shut up.