Toshiba TheaterWide 44" DLP High Definition Ready TV

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Toshiba TheaterWide 44" DLP High Definition Ready TV $1,249.99 + $5 shipping
(Cheapest I have seen is on Fleabay at $1,799 Shipped)

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Toshiba’s a Good Brand & this looks like it’s a current model, okay price for a refurb, new is like $1500 or $1600.
I could use a new 60" tv. my kids cracked the glare screen on my old tv this past weekend.

Hmmmmmmmmmm… anyone have one of these? Looks like something that couold be nice for the bedroom…

wow…this really was an expensive item

two expensive w00ts in a row. wtf, mates?

If I was rich!!

Looks pretty good, woot.

I like! I can’t afford another TV right now. I was dying for the InFocus ScreenPlay 61” !

Too expensive, Woot!

wow all i want is a boc something i can buy lol

woots are too much these days!

Need small, inexpensive computer stuff!

More Specs… To bad it is only 720p again… GoodNight…

Toshiba 44NHM84 44-inch Digital Widescreen DLP TV

At the heart of the Toshiba 44NHM84 44" Digital Widescreen DLP TV is the HD2+ DMD, one of the finest high definition chips available. It offers a 50% increase in contrast over the HD3 DLP chip. Whether you are watching HDTV or utilizing the 44NHM84 as a computer monitor, the 44NHM84 is the perfect solution to your home theatre needs.


HD2+ DLP DMD: The HD2+ is a premier DLP (DMD) offered by Texas Instruments. It offers a 50% increase in contrast over the HD3 DLP. The benefit of increased contrast is that you get blacker blacks and whiter whites. With 1280 horizontal and 720 vertical mirrors, the HD2+ DMD is a true high definition digital light processor.

PC Input: This DLP TV comes complete with a 15-pin video connector that is identical to the output located on the back of all personal Computers and some HD set top boxes. This input will allow you to connect to a computer and use the television as a computer monitor.

MTS SAP: A multi channel Television Sound decoder enables the TV to accept and decode broadcast stereo.

3D Y/C Comb Filter: This advanced filter analyzes sequential frames of video information to eliminate dot crawl and colour bleed. Additionally, the 3D Y/C Comb Filter significantly reduces detail noise, seen as shimmering or flickers in complex or intricately detailed scenes. 3DY/C also eliminates most video noise normally seen in RF and composite video signals.


Backlit Universal Remote Control
TheaterWide™ Modes (3)
Zoom Control (2)
Picture Modes
Favorite Channel
Channel Label
Speed Surf
Trilingual OSD
On/Off Timer
Sleep Timer
Closed Captioning
2 Level Mute


480i/480p 540p/960i 720p/1080i Capability - 720p
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Built-In Protective Screen Shield Yes
Center Channel Input No
Channel Labeling Yes
Comb Filter 3D Y/C
Commercial Skip No
Component Video Inputs 2
Digital Focus Info Not Available
Display Type DLP
Dolby Digital Surround Sound No
Fine Pitch Screen Yes
First Surface Mirror Yes
Front A/V Inputs/Outputs 1 Input
Front S-Video Inputs/Outputs 1 Input
HDTV Compatible Yes
Headphone Jack No
Included In Box Manual
Invar Shadow Mask No
Language Options English, French, Spanish
Lenticular Screen Yes
Multi Sync Multi Source No
Parental Control Yes
Picture-In-Picture Yes
Product Dimensions 40 in (W) x 30 in (H) x 14.3 in (D)
Product Weight 64 lb.
Progressive Scanning Yes
Rear A/V Inputs/Outputs 2 Inputs
Rear S-Video Inputs/Outputs Yes
Remote Control Type Universal Backlit
RF Inputs Yes
Scan Velocity Modulation No
Screen Size 44"
Sleep/Alarm Timer Yes
Sound Logic Audio Leveler Stable Sound
Speaker Output Jacks No
Speed Channel Surf Yes
Surround Sound SRS TruSurround
TV Guide Plus No
Upconversion Technology Yes
Variable Audio Output No
Vertical Compression Info Not Available
VGA/SVGA Inputs Yes
Video Input Labeling Yes
Watts Per Channel 30 Watts/Channel
Wide Band Video Amplifier No


Display Resolution 1280 x 720p
10 lens optical system
2-Tuner Double Window POP
MultiWindow (4) POP
3:2 Pull-down Detection and Compensation
3D Y/C Comb Filter
Color Temperature
Gamma Correction
High Contrast Screen w/Non-Glare Coating
Ultra Fine Pitch Screen


2 way speaker system
Front Surround Sound (5 modes)
SRS TruSurround®
30 watt audio output


(1 + 1) S Video Inputs
(1 + 2) Audio Video Inputs
(1) Audio Video Output
(2) ColorStream HD™ Component Video Inputs
(1) RF Input
(1) RGB In (15 pin) (DTV/PC)
(1) PC Audio In
(1) DVI with HDCP
Calibration Port (RS-232c) (For Software Upgrade Only
Variable Audio Out

Really would like one but dont have that kinda loot…I mean woot

Too much money oh well good night

Awesome Woot! but no cash for it for me :frowning:

great deal, but not for me.

I don’t need a freaking tv BOC please Woot

way more than i can afford