Toshiba Ultra-Widescreen 14.4” i5 Laptop

**Item: **Toshiba Ultra-Widescreen 14.4" i5 Laptop
Price: $434.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Oooh, this was one of those laptops that really caught my attention when it first came out, and as someone who has spent the last few months hemming and hawing over whether or not to pull the trigger on a 21:9" monitor for my desktop, this is calling my name.

I have to ask though, anyone with experience on this laptop have anything to say? I’m super intrigued, and the price seems right, I would just like some kind of idea how it works out in a real world application. gave this an OK review

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I have that laptop, and I like it except for the keyboard. It is a very annoying keyboard to time, the keys dont press in all the way, sometimes

The screen ratio is perfect for having two windows open side-by-side and the speakers are FANTASTIC! I enjoyed this laptop for a couple of days - until it suddenly refused to power on. It might have been a lemon but I couldn’t risk another one so I went with a more traditional Dell XPS 13 that came with onsite support. Now I mostly miss the great speakers I had on the Toshiba.

i just wish this was a 15" version of this and i would buy in a second. also woot you need to start listed which intel hd graphics your laptops have. from some searching this has a intel hd4000 but by just saying “intel hd” every time i always have to search to be sure. i am very tempted though…

Seems pretty pricey to me, especially considering what you can get with that kind of money with much better specs and many more bells and whistles. I would say that this price-point would be okay if this unit were new, though I’d still think it was just a tad bit on the pricey side.

Ultra-widescreen?!? I need them to be moving in the opposite direction (back to normal screen)…

21:freaking 9?!? These widescreen fetishists should just get it over with and go all the way to 1 pixel tall screens. You know they want to…

What planet do you live on? Brand new units with “much better specs and many more bells and whistles” are NOT available in THIS PRICE POINT!!

Exactly, don’t crack the screen if you by this. The price has come down about 30%, now only $170

Meh. If you’re working on documents or web browsing, that 768 pixels vertical is going to suck. Altogether it’s only 2/3 the pixels of true HD, which would be more useful in terms of content and form factor.

Time to start the Windows 8 bashing comments.

Yeah!!! This laptop doesn’t come with Windows 8!!!

I got this laptop for about $600 in January. I was really worried about the 21:9 screen.

I love the aspect ratio for working it does work very well for viewing things side by side. THis is also the best constructed laptop I’ve ever had. Very thin and light, great speakers, and very strudy case.

The aspect ratio is a bit annoying when watching streaming video you always have bars some where and some content gets confused by the ratio and gives bars on all sides.

I’ve also find that I’m more likely to make typos on this key board than other keyboards.

Overall I love this laptop and I think it’s a steal at the price woot is offering it.

I like Toshibas, Windows 7, and the price is OK, but…

If you’re one of those folks who gagged when laptop screen proportions changed from squarish to widescreen because the squarish screens were a better match for document work, you’ll really hate this ultra wide screen proportion.

Sure you can squeeze two windows next to each other, but you better have good reading eyes.

Is this the gaming laptop I’ve been waiting for woot to offer, or should I keep waiting?

Several TV manufacturers have released 21:9 “Cinematic” screens. Theatrical releases are usually in the 2.35:1 “scope” ratio, 21:9 is 2.33:1. People that want to watch movies in their native format would enjoy this screen, or running apps side by side. Wish the resolution was higher though.

The big issue for me is the total size of the screen… it’s quite small compared to the body (notice the big bezel) and the shortest dimension is quite low res (768). So, equivalent to 1024 x 768 screen in height… pass.

Actually, this truly is HD. Standards for HD are super low; the screen just have to have at least 720 pixels vertically and be at least 16:9. “Full HD” would require it to be 1080 pixels tall, so I think that’s the term you’re looking for.

Anyway, laptops like this give me hope that the stupid marketing hype with HD is finally dying away. I managed to get a 17" at 1920x1200 (16:10) laptop about 4 years ago.

Since then I haven’t seen many laptops with screens that pixel dense. I refuse to drop 120 vertical pixels and pay more just because the masses were sold on a simplistic 3 tier scheme (SD, HD, Full HD) that doesn’t cover important aspects like density. I’m tired of seeing laptops with larger screens and lower vertical resolution/density than my netbook, it’s pathetic. This one included.

Remember when buying that taskbar, window titlebars, toolbars, etc will be whittling even further away at the available vertical space.