Toshiba USB Optical Scroll Mouse – 2 Pack

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Bringing back the Woot Tracking with class. :wink:

Two for Tuesday FTW.
Woot Also Did Two For Tuesday Mice on 1.16.2007

the blog of useful linkage will help with this one… 2fers are easy to comparison shop… except when you can’t multiply by 2… then it gets tough… i hope i get it right… mice are cute…

bah… i steal these from work…


USB 1.1?

Are we still in the dark ages here?

Nice price, great for laptops. I have some like this, different brand though. Worth the money. Always nice to have spare mice lying around.

been looking for a good deal on some optical mice, I’m in for 2, for a total of 4

USB 1.1… doh!

Toshiba USB Optical Scroll Mouse – 2 Pack
$2.99+ $5 shipping

2 Toshiba AM-2230U USB Optical Scroll Mouse

wow! that’s a great price for two mouses (mice?).

got my 3 sets… goodnight fools

$8 for two optical mice? How do these stack up to the more modern laser mice?

They look small… are they ACTUALLY standard size?

Great price, I got one of those 14.99 from and it works great. Portable Mouse in every backpack.

Great price

I have a drawer full of mice

Arg ive been waiting for a wireless optical mouse for ages and now I find this. I should’ve been awake for the woot off, I guess.

nice price 6 mice for the price of 13.97

What type of dpi resolution do these have?

Oh, good. I was hoping a mouse would come up during the Woot Off and I was disappointed when one didn’t. You never let me down, Woot. It doesn’t even have to work that well for that price, haha.

I am so in on this deal. TG for cheap woot throw away optical mice. No cleaning no low battery no hassels.