Toshiba USB Optical Scroll Mouse

Only 3 buttons, No thanks :frowning:

Got my three! Gotta love these penny deals. This is my second of the four so far.

condition: New
product(s): 1 Toshiba AN-3200 USB Optical Scroll Mouse
$0.01 + $5 shipping

bought four of these last time, for 15000% more money. kids like them. basic optical corded mouse, a little on the small side. no probs.

Yeah in for 3 too, Never know when you’ll screw your mouse. Sorta speak.

It’s make your own boc week! Sweet! Once again, in for 3.

Wow, a penny. To bad, I have a mouse.

I could actually get this one, but for some reason I have no desire to buy this. I already have five mice, and six keyboards, I have no need for any others.

I got these on a 2-for-Tuesday a while back. Really good and compact mice that I consider throw-away if something happens to them, like they get left in a hotel room or lost in the abyss that is my pile of computer parts.

In for 3… Like I need another spare mouse… Great to have on the shelf… Back to work. Good night everyone.

yay i always break mice in for 3

3 cents, 3 buttons, 3 mice. 3rd wootout

why did I buy three of these?
I dunno …

first SellOut.woot

Nice addon to go with the keyboards.
Still using one of mine from a 2-fer on Tuesday.

Not on my main comp, But still using one no problems.

Woohoo!! In for 3

i got 3. Can’t beat Mice, tired of my wireless one eating batteries, buying 3 was cheaper than another pack of batteries. So, there’s some logic.

in for 3. you can never have too many spare mice around.

These will go great with the 3 keyboards I bought.

im in for three, jeebus, woot owns my wallet this week.