TOSOT 4500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier w/Pump

TOSOT 4500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier w/Pump

I was about to buy this until I started looking at the reviews. Even sorting by new reviews shows mostly negative reviews.

Filter by 50-pint version newest reviews; seems plagued by failures with no response from the company.



This is customer support team from TOSOT.
Once your unit receives abnormal product problems which could not be fixed by yourself or continue to receive malfunction code, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be here to find problem and provide the best solution for you. For most case, we will send a free replacement if the F0 problem is confirmed by our customer support team.

Let us know if you have any other concern at

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When buying any Energy Star appliance, whether it be a fridge, window AC, air cleaner, or dehumidifier, check with your power utility company. Ours issues rebates of around $25.. Very easy and reliable process.

Some utilities even buy your old pre-Energy Star appliance back if it is still “functional” (makes noise when you plug it in).

Note: you will not find an Energy Star roller/portable AC model since it is physically impossible to make them efficient.


Based on the description I assume this internal pump lacks the power to send the water above the level of the unit itself, correct? I assume this means trying to send it to a sink that is above the level of the unit would not work?

The only feature this has that makes me even consider it is the internal pump, but the reviews mention that is also a common point of failure.

If this unit had a 2 year warranty, it would be easier to roll the dice on it, but the number of reviews stating that it failed just after or right before the warranty period makes me believe Tosot is well aware of the issue which is why the replacement units are only covered for 6 months.

Too bad these don’t have a 3-year warranty like your air purifiers.

@tosotdirect and my fellow Wooters - I bought 2 of these late last year and am using them for the 1st time. Tbh when I 1st set them up, it was too hot for me to figure out the pump situation, so I had them filling the buckets.

This morning, I read the directions and did the pump feature (provided hose attached and pump button pushed for 3 seconds until lit). I left the house for about 3 or 4 hours and just came back to find that the buckets are filling and they are not draining through the hose with the pump. For those that are wondering, I have 1 on the kitchen counter than is supposed to be draining into the sink and the other is in the hallway and is supposed to be draining into the bathtub. The pump light is still on, but not a drop of water has come out of the hose.

Otherwise, they seem to be doing their job, sance pumping, and they are really quiet.

When I have some time and I can focus, I will try watching some videos to see if I can make some adjustments to get them to pump and/or the Tosot rep responds. I will update when I have tried other things.

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This is normal, the pump is on standby mode until the tank is nearly full, this will simply drain the upper portion of the water when its full. I wasn’t exactly thrilled by that information either since I didn’t want the stagnant water sitting in the tank, I want it down the drain. This is a “feature” to prevent premature failure on the pump from running too often. Shows the amount of faith they have in the pump.

I also find it interesting how quick they came to defend the negative reviews, I responded within minutes of them posting it and you can see they disappeared by then. Their website also has a phone number listed, so I tried to call them to ask my questions before the “sale” ended, but it just says “waiting for the next customer service rep” for about 10 minutes and then says “Please try calling back later” and hangs up. Turns out their hours of operation aren’t listened on their call center, instead it just pretends to try to find a rep, then gives up and tells you better luck next time. Their website confirmed their offices are closed on the weekends; womp womp. Last fun fact, their call center is only open for 3 hours a day; that must be another “feature”.

All the warning signs are there. It’s up to the buyers to decide whether or not to listen to them.


Water will collect in the bucket during operation. When it reaches the maximum capacity, then the internal pump will automatically start up to remove the collected water. If your unit meet the pump malfunction, please contact the customer support: [] for further confirmation.
TOSOT dehumidifier comes with a one-year warranty and extra half year extend warranty if you registered in our website. Our team will collect the information of the defective dehumidifier and give you the best solution.


Interesting, I did not see that in the directions, but could have missed it. I know it said that if the hose isn’t attached, it will pump onto the floor.

When I get back to the house in the morning, they will have been running long enough for the pump to kick in. We are in the midst of some crazy high, humid, humid weather (over 100 degrees + full humidity in the Midwest) which has been going on for about 10 days and has no sign of breaking anytime soon.

So its now or never …

Edit: fyi, as I don’t have faith that they are going to actually pump and I am going between houses, I bought another brand today, just in case. I need at least 1 that is running 24/7, besides the old one the former owners left that is actually draining.

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