TOSOT Chalet 12000 BTU Energy Star Window AC

TOSOT Chalet 12000 BTU Energy Star Window AC

When buying any Energy Star appliance, whether it be a fridge, window AC, air cleaner, or dehumidifier, check with your power utility company. Ours issues rebates of around $25.. Very easy and reliable process.

Some utilities even buy your old pre-Energy Star appliance back if it is still “functional” (makes noise when you plug it in).

Note: you will not find an Energy Star roller/portable AC model since it is physically impossible to make them efficient.

Added this line since Woot doesn’t like posting the same comment in both the Dehumidifer and AC dialogs.


Does this use a regular power outlet?

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It does

We have been using one of these since April, and it is one of the best air conditioners we’ve ever owned. No more only last 2 years on those Fridgidaire brands!!

We also own a Tosot Tranquility 8000btu, so quiet and efficient.

We love that this will dehumify as a separate setting.

Also, there is a little rubber cover bottom left on the rear of the unit. Take one screw out, let one side fall, put the screw back in the threaded hole so you don’t lose it, and EUREKA you have a drain hole for evaporation runoff!!!

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Wow, THANK YOU @bluemaple - you just shaved a whopping $50 off my a.c. purchase, thereby making my pretty damn good deal an extremely excellent great deal! Or will, in approximately 3 months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And that’s just the rebate, still have to see if my old one is eligible for buy-back.

And you can be sure I’ll be letting all my friends and neighbors know about this as well.

You’re the best!

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