TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU

TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU

For those that care about efficiency, these are terribly inefficient.

Note the spec:

  • BTU performance (Cooling) ASHRAE: 12,000BTU
  • BTU performance (Cooling) U.S. DOE: 8,000BTU

That means you will be getting the performance of a 8,000 BTU AC with the energy consumption equivalent of a 12,000 BTU AC. That’s because this expels hot air out the window, replacing it with hot/humid air drawn in through cracks around your windows/doors/vents.

Not good folks.

Find one that is “two duct” version where it draws air in through the same window it expels waste from.

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16 days after it was purchased, it’s still Preparing for Shipment.

This thing takes a lot or prep time, apparently.

Hi there. Sorry for the delay. I see CS is working with the vendor to see what happened - lost shipments or bad tracking.

I added your name to the list in the ticket.


16 days to ship. Never shipped. Generated 3 tracking numbers. Cancelled order, tosot was listing it for same price in their website. Sain is the seller. Saves time and got in 1 day a bestbuy model for $319 in same 12000 btu. Works fine and did not have to wait 2 weeks to have to cancel. 2nd woot purchase, won’t be a third.

I had 3 tracking numbers. The lost shipment is kinda hard. The unit weighs 84 lbs. The vendor sells on their website for the same price. This was a dud sale. Amazon also had for $ for the same price as tosot. Disappointed in Woot. Definitely nothing special. I asked about canceling. So it was cancelled. But there where 3 tracking numbers generated. All waiting for pickup.

20 days after order and still preparing for shipment! I think I should cancel the order, summer will be over soon.

Can’t comment on the product as it never shipped but 10/10 customer service. I asked for a refund and they immediately granted it. Sucks I didn’t get my product but Woot did what they could to make it right.