Total Bar Upper Body Exercise Bar

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Total Bar Upper Body Exercise Bar
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4.3 Stars over at Amazon

You got it wrong, it’s BarBRA Streisand, unless you’re selling bras.

I bought a Bodyblade years ago which is very similar, but costing much, much more. It works very well…when I used it. It’s very space-saving when you don’t use it, although you can’t hang clothes from it. LOL Still, if I didn’t own one already I would jump on this in a minute!

Yep, I’m 100% convinced that he earned that look by ONLY using this device. Count me in for three!

Bar-bar-bar bar-barbara ann

Harry Reid gives this four band-aids…

A lot of good ratings on Amazon, yes, but a lot of the reviews seem fake. They’re generic copy-and-paste reviews and the reviewer’s history looks suspicious. Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of this gaming on Amazon over the past year.

It was Dirty Harry’s brother that used this on him.

Would this be beneficial to someone who’s already physically fit? Or is this more of a beginner equipment?


I used the Bodyblade in physical therapy and that thing rocks. It fine-tuned precision stability and strength.

The question is similar to asking if a fitness ball requires lots of experience, or for only newbs (like pink 2lb dumbbells?) All I have to say is - have you seen a gym meathead do pushups on that fitness ball? Or better yet, standing squats on that ball? He’d be flat on his face faster than a newb because he only trains chest, biceps, and abs. :wink:

This is a dynamic workout challenge to keep your neurons firing and your gray matter growing.

IF it’s like the too-expensive bodyblade :slight_smile:

bodyblade is well made
This is like as not to break after a couple uses - very fragile

personally would (and did) just go with the resistance bands next time they come up on here.