Total Spa 24-Setting Combo Showerhead

Reviews, previous buyers, some expert plumber/fluidity expert comment on this? I seeeee you…speak up!

FWIW, you won’t find this exact model anywhere. You’ll find similar ones but this one was created just for us.

I use the mist setting when my sinuses are congested and spend hours in the shower to thin out and drain. It’s like a steam shower for poor folk. In for two.

But then the “list price” doesn’t really apply, does it?

So the list price is just a made up number?

Probably, but then this is about WalMart price for a handle showerhead combo.

List prices, as is often the case, come from the manufacturer.

A word from the buyer:

*The manufacturer (Interlink) makes products under several brands, Total Spa, Rain Spa, Dream Spa and a few others. They try to “tweak” the product for each customer so that no one has the exact same item.

These showerheads are made by the same manufacturer that made the Dream Spa that we ran this time last year. It got rave reviews from the community. It was only one head. This has two.*

I’m okay with the selling price, I bought two (every multi-function shower head I’ve bought has seized up eventually). It’s a great price for a dual head and being overly tall the way these are set up makes it perfect for me and my shorter wife to have a good shower experience. The mist setting is the icing on the cake for me; very happy all around… That being said, there can be no other “list price” other than the currently listed price for an item made just for woot-azon.

“Woot Exlcusive! Total Spa 24-Setting Ultra Luxury Multi Shower”

So ‘exclusive’ it’s ‘exlCUSive’!

Heck, #%$&*( Yeah!

[MOD: :tongue: Smartypants. Fixed.]

Hey, can I get a pimp-discount for being used twice for quality posts on the same item? How about a hat trick…
The stainless steel hose will help this amazing product stand up to years of use. This is a quality product all around!

Right. I can pull a “list price” number out of mine and it’s no less valid. I think “50% off the price of comparable products” might be more accurate in the eyes of three-letter gummint agencies.

And “exclusive” is still misspelled.

for those that already have one of these, would it still work if you don’t have major water pressure? Ours is average,but nothing to write home about.

I’ve been meaning to get an upgrade for my shower. Thanks woot!

Lets hope that this very Exlcusive! head is good :slight_smile:

*shower head, sickos

while I dont have THIS exclusuve (ahem) model I have used several multifunction heads before and we have moderate pressure. I live in a smallish community and in the mornings the pressure does drop quite a bit. The only effect ive (wow I wish my pc had autocorect)noticed is the massage setting slows down somewhat in the pulses per second. Beyond that everything works fine for us. Without exact numbers to compare our systems though, this is just an assumption that you’ll have similar results.

Whoohoo! Our long national nightmare is over. It is truly an exclusive model now.

I don’t know about this shower head in particular but the first thing I do is remove the flow restrictor.

Oh, bite me. :tongue:

Which thing is the flow restrictor?