Total Spa 24-Setting Combo Showerhead



Previous Sale


Bought two last time. Very nice. Not that I recommend it, but the water flow regulators were very easy to remove (black piece of plastic in each head with three small holes in it).


This looks like it will prime my wife up good in the morning… Love it!


We purchased this on the last sale and as soon as we got it we set it up, it took about 5 minutes to get the old one off and 2 minutes to put this up. It’s cheap feeling but actually works great. It came with an extra rubber washer that was thin. We also had to remove the flow restrictor for the house piece so the pressures where equal. Wife wanted it to easily wash and rinse the shower off with.
If I needed more I would buy again.


Can you throw in some soap?


How did you remove the water flow restrictor? I tried but couldn’t…


i used a flat screw driver and scraped the side a bit and it popped out, i did this on both shower heads :slight_smile: