Total Spa 24-Setting Combo Showerhead

I bought this during its first appearance and really like it. But either the two rain settings are identical or the difference is so minor that I can’t see it even flipping back and forth between them. Still, I have the upper showerhead on rain and the lower one on mist and it’s a nice way to wake up in the morning.

Discussion from last time:

24 settings is not enough. I need 25.

The irony behind these types of showerheads is that once you find the spray you like, you stick with it.

My set up from when I bought it.

As you can see, there’s plenty of clearance from the wall to the main head, and the hose for the second head is plenty long! :slight_smile:

On my shower heads, after I installed them, only a trickle of water came out, they were both set to water saving mode from the factory. So, if that happens to you, don’t worry, just change the setting to something else :slight_smile:

The mist is cool. I bought it last time for that setting.

I will be buying this tonight. What I like most about this is that it does not have a slide bar that needs to be mounted like many other ones that are offered. For a renter, this is perfect.

Really interested, but I am afraid that with shipping unlocked, I will have nothing to hold me back from ordering the TDK Sound Cube…

They need to incorporate the temperature sensing color changing leds into these so you can tell what temperature the water is before getting in. While mine has only one spray setting, I love that I can dial in the temperature without having to touch the water and get right into a perfect shower.

Can you adjust the angle of the shower head with the hose while it is sitting in the mount? My current shower head is about to fall off and this looks like a good replacement.

You sure can, just not too far forward, or it’ll slip out. Also, using both hands is recommended, but it can be done with only one.

Thank you for sharing the photos!

Sweet. In for one then.

You are welcome!
Photos usually help me buy things; and as you can see, there are no king of shaves razors ANYWHERE.

I bought a double shower head about 3 years ago from, and I thought it was pretty great. Then I bought this one a few months ago. This one is incredible. It has a mist setting, which you can set on both head at the same time. It’s like being in a steam room, and you get pretty much 100% of your body’s surface area saturated with water. It makes washing off shampoo/conditioner/soap a snap, and has reduced the amount of time I spend taking a shower each morning.

The mist-shower experience is so cool that I really look forward to taking showers, and I actually tell everyone that stays over that they should try out the shower for an experience like no other shower.

Installation is pretty easier, actually easier than any other shower head I bought and installed. It also comes with a little roll of teflon tape.


I bought this last time.

24 settings? I turn the knob and there’s only about 4-5.

Unless I got the wrong one.

So is one of them a hand held? Does it detach?

… Never mind…I see the one hanging down in the pic. I’m in for one…remodeling the bathroom now anyway…need a shower head.

QUESTION: Is the flexible hose metal or plastic?


According to the description and the past Woot comments - the hose is the only thing that’s stainless steel - everything is chrome-plated plastic.