Total Trainer Home Gyms

Greetings, Wooters!

Anyone have any experience with this brand?

OK, Wooters. I don’t have all day. You all must be working out on your Total Trainers and don’t have time to reply. I’ve got some toning to do, so, I’m in for one!

Well, the Amazon reviews for the Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym are really good (4-1/2 stars), and some have had them for 5+ years and came back and posted updates to their reviews. The company seems to be really responsive to requests for the lifetime replacement parts, too, which is important to me, because I have cats with sharp teeth that love these rubber pulley ropes. They did in my AB lounger and sadly, you cannot replace the bungee cord-like things anymore, since they are not standard width cords. So now I can toss that out to make way for this which is now winging its way to me.

We just purchased one several weeks ago. I guess we should have waited. It is very sturdy, has great instructions, and folds up. It can be moved easily because of attached rollers.

I have had a total trainer for 6+ years and it works great. I have the dlx version and could not be happier with with it. I purchased it so long ago it came with a workout video on vhs tape. It works just as advertised. We move it down low for my wife and small kids, up higher for me and the older kids. My older kids are in the army and they get a good workout with it during home visits. It is very stable even at the highest setting. I highly recommend this machine.

I had a home gym once. It was hard to dust. Made a great clothes rack though.

I take classes on a Gravity machine (High end commercial Total Gym) and LOVE IT. I’m seriously tempted.

Question: can you do plyo moves on this? Is it substantial enough?

This is how chuck norris got so jacked. freaking how can you not buy it?!?

Great to know that it has longevity That’s the one I ordered here. Hope I have the same experience with it.

LOL at the person who photoshopped this deal

Comparison chart (if, like me, you’re wondering what the difference is between various models…)

Total Trainer Comparison Chart

Im in for one…
Bayou Fitness 4000XL Total Trainer Home Gym

FYI, I live in Pennsylvania and after checking out I saw that there was a tax added to the price. I don’t recall paying tax on anything from Woot before? This could also be a good thing, it may be located near by and shipped super quick!

Effective September 1, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in Pennsylvania.

sigh :frowning: Oh well. There goes “that” theory haha

I have the original Total Gym Pro that I bought off eBay about five years ago. It’s still working great! And yes, I know these aren’t Total GYMS, but I’ve seen both and they are the same thing.

The one thing I always warn people about, though, is how big these things really are. When I first set mine up, I was surprised at how much room it really takes up. So here’s what to do: figure out where you want it. Lay down on the floor and put your arms straight out. If you are close to hitting anything, reconsider the spot. Also, remember that these are quite long. I usually recommend a 6 foot by 10 foot spot.

Folding it is pretty easy, though moving it while folded be VERY careful not to get your fingers pinched.

All in all, I love mine and I’m happy I got it. It’s bloody brilliant for physical therapy. It’s great for both building and toning muscle. And, hey, if Chuck Norris backs it, you know it’s gotta be good!

Also, as for the PA sales tax, this is because Amazon (who now owns Woot) has warehouses in the commonwealth.

Even with the tax…these are worth it!

Will these come back soon. I forgot to grab one til it was too late. Dang!!!

Woot I hope you run the Total Trainer Home Gyms again. I came back to buy this morning and missed out. Please let me know if you do

Mine arrived “Broke”.

Any one else have shipping issues?

No, it was fine. I’m sorry you had a bad one. We are using ours and really like it.