Totally Bamboo

So there’s a Missouri, but no Kansas… Oh well, I guess I could buy a normal rectangle one and lop off the corner.

The Michigan cutting board is missing its hat aka Da UP.

I can’t believe there’s no Colorado or Wyoming cutting board.

A friend of mine has the Rhode Island cutting board. It’s literally 3" x 2".

I bought a couple of these items the last time Woot had them.

The Large Salt Box is very handy. It’s sturdy and solidly built. The lid swings easily and is held closed by a magnet. The magnet isn’t terribly strong, so it’s very easy to open the lid, even if it’s bumped accidentally. The interior compartment is about 3.5" diameter X 3" deep, so it holds a decent amount of salt. Makes it very easy to use with measuring spoon or your fingers if you like to grab a healthy pinch of kosher salt Alton Brown-style.

The Polyboo cutting board is a decent sized board, fine for medium side veggies and cuts of meat. You wouldn’t want to use it for anything much larger than your prototypical 20-oz Porterhouse steak. It feels very sturdy for a portable cutting board.

It’s very handy having the two different surfaces to work with. The whole thing is about 1/2" (13mm) thick, so each surface is probably 1/4" (6.35mm) thick on it’s own. I would assume they’re bonded with some type of adhesive, but there’s actually a black poly trim around the periphery of the board and the handle cutout. The trim also serves to hold the two pieces together, so I don’t see that possible separation of the layers would ever be a problem even if it did happen. I haven’t had any problems with food bits getting up under the plastic trim, yet, although I suspect it could happen.

Both were good purchases. I haven’t had any problems yet with splitting or delamination like we’ve heard about with the Core Bamboo brand products that show up on Woot periodically. The Totally Bamboo stuff (I also got the in-drawer knife block that Wot sold last time) feels very sturdy and very well built.

If you think would find any of these products useful, don’t hesitate to buy. I think you’ll be get a very quality product that you’ll be happy with for years to come - just remember to oil the bamboo regularly with food grade mineral oil (can be found in your local drug store in the laxative section), or with more expensive Butcher Block Oil (which is basically the same thing). You might also find cutting board oil at your local supermarket if they sell bamboo cutting boards in their kitchen gadget aisle. (Publix used to, I haven’t looked lately.)

Also, yes, these are made in China.

But really, if there’s any country on Earth that would know how to make a quality product out of Bamboo, it would be China. :slight_smile:

How about a state that would actually make good cutting boards like the Dakotas or Colorado. :wink:

They used to sell a California cutting board but it kept cracking.

I saw a few of these items at the local discount store (Ross) for the same price, no shipping cost. If you have one nearby, go check the kitchen section before you click buy on this.

The Michigan board in not Michigan. That is the Lower Part only! I find it highly offensive and borderline discrimination! Where is the U.P. Woot? I want to file a formal complaint! As a Yooper!

That dish-rack looks like a deck chair for midgets.

I hear all 50 states plus Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and more will be out this summer! And being from Rhode Island, i am very happy to hear that all states will be treated equally in the size department.

This wasn’t a Totally Bamboo board. I have tried them all… TB is the best. They say they’ll have a Cali board this summer though.

I read that as a joke about fault lines!

I read that as a joke about drugs.

Totally Bamboo is the ONLY bamboo product I buy/use. I’ve been using them for years and have just replaced some boards with the newer 20" kind, that I LOVE! I oil them occasionally and they’ve held up nicely. When I place my order, they are always shipped promptly, a plus! I have the Texas board and use it for entertaining. Totally Bamboo has a loyal customer in me!


This is a geography joke thread, thus it was a joke about geography, i.e. to criticalmaas’s point.

At first i was like… Apple… Carrot… Cheese… DB9 Connection Port???

I wouldn’t mind an Alaska shaped cutting board. Then it would be over twice the size of the Texas one.