Tote Bags

I humbly admit that I do NOT go to WOOT daily. (I try, but hey, it is 2020). Therefore, I will at times miss the day that a shirt design is presented. I appreciate that one can go and get the shirt BUT WHAT IF I WANT A TOTE BAG? (which I do). Thank you for including tote bags in your offerings and featuring them at times, but I REALLY need a tote bag for my daughter in law before Christmas and none of the designs that have been offered lately fit her style. However, some of the T shirts do. So? What hoops do I need to jump through to have one made for her and others. BTW, the Ruth Ginsberg is the one in mind. Since she is in your top 20, might it be possible for you to include a category for a tote? That WOULD be awesome. Thanks


Hey there. Thanks for the feedback. Our totes are “print to order” by a third party vendor. They’re not set up with our entire catalog of designs so the totes have to be curated per event. We’ll keep working to improve and get more stuff out there.

Thank you for the feedback. As a “test” perhaps you might include a tote and poster option for just the top 20 to see if it is of interest. That way those of us who have our and all of our extended families drawers STUFFED with T-Shirts so they are crying, " MOM! no more T-shirts" can continue to torture said family with tote bags and posters. (I love being a devious mother).