Tote N’ Go Insulated Carrier

I want to go to the party with veggie plate, cupcakes and MORE cupcakes!

Count me IN!

EDIT: On second look, I think what I thought were “mini” cupcakes are actually devilled eggs…

Either way, YUMMY

But I must say, you’re eggs look like mini-cupcakes.

I still say this is really a carrier and 2 trays. The carrier should not count as a tray. Anyway, who makes deviled eggs? The cupcakes are great, why can’t there be a 12-cupcake tray?

How are these any better than the Glad tupperware I can go buy at Wal-mart without the shipping?

Can’t imagine how, but this is $40 elsewhere. It seems like this price is lower than last time this was on woot. How much was it last time?

They were $9.99 each last time.

You know what are AMAZING?!

Cake Pops!

You know what kind of sucks about cake pops?

The sticks!

You know why?

Cause there is NO way to easily transport them… think about it, you individually wrap them and they stick to the sides, ruining the decoration. If you put them in some sort flower arrangement they end up top heavy. They can’t go together if not they will stick.

So, I saw that people also made…


Basically cake pops but WITHOUT the stick!

Just make your cake pops, and put them in little mini-cupcake wrappers!

They are too cute!

But what does this have to do with the Tote N’ Go Insulated Carrier you ask?!

I use deviled egg trays to transport my cake bon-bons!

It is the perfect transport device!

So, if you don’t have a use for that tray, make cake po-- erm… bon-bons!


Cake Bon-Bons aka Cake Balls

Just in time for picnic season, Nice! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. I LOVE WOOT!!!

i will be using my carrier to transport giant cinnamon rolls to my office tomorrow in a big 10x14" stoneware pan. and i’m here tonight to buy another set because the woot price is killer even if you just want the carrier–it has slightly padded sides that prevent it from totally collapsing on your baked goods like so many other similar items do, and it is very sturdily built overall. in fact, i’m not even planning to put a lid on my pan inside the carrier in the morning because it simply isn’t necessary.

the inner trays and container are also really nice. i use mine most often to make a big salad with lettuce in the bottom and the four-section tray sitting atop the lettuce with toppings in it; when i get to the gathering, i just set the tray on top of the inverted lid next to the container, and the salad is ready to go.

if you can’t tell, i definitely recommend this set. as i said, i’m in for one more for myself, and i’m also getting two to give as gifts. enjoy!

I paid 9.99 in February and haven’t used it yet. Can I get a $2 credit?

I did this for my birthday! We put sticks on the side and melted chocolate and had cake pop fondu. Completely unrelated to the product but it was so much fun I thought you might want to know!

I got this the last time on Woot and all I can say is save your money: it’s not worth $9.99 or $7.99 or even $1.00. The plastic containers are worthless: they are not air tight and leak. The insulated holder is nice but you need to find another container to put in it. I hope you can now see the value of this.

Are these BPA free?

This would be great for transporting takeout food in your car. It would be kept hot and no mess.

Seems like the insulated carrier by itself would be worth the price. I’m in!

I bought three of these the last time. We do a lot of social events where you bring something (and my wife frequently makes deviled eggs). The thing is chintzy but adequate. I’ve got a much nicer insulated carrier from Plow and Hearth, but it did cost substantially more than this.

Got this the last time offered; not the fanciest of my deviled egg trays but it is adequate. The other tray and container are handy for transporting a variety of items to potluck and other food events. The carrier is awesome as several of my other containers fit in it as well. Glad I bought it, no regrets. Good value for the Woot! price . . .

I picked this up back in February at a slightly higher price here. We use it for bringing things like pizza casserole to potlucks at work. It works well, and keeps the cheese nice and melted until we get there.

So do all 3 pieces stack up inside or do the two smaller containers fit in the bigger container? I wish there were more pictures.

I got one of these and two as gifts last time. This really is a great housewarming gift.

Here are the plastic facts for those who care:
It’s a number 5 plastic PP (polypropylene)

Polypropylene has a high melting point, and so is often chosen for containers that must accept hot liquid. It is gradually becoming more accepted by recyclers.

7.14qt (6800ml) microwave reheatable, top rack dishwasher safe, freezer safe.

Please note: You can not use all three containers at the same time. The two smaller trays are stored inside the larger bin with the lid when carrying in the bag. You can carry something in the large bin (like banana pudding!) but then you wont be using the veggie and devilled egg trays till next potluck.