Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

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Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice
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We use these as transit boxes at work. They’re not too bulky, and stack pretty well.

Note that they’re not quite as spacious as you might expect. Their shape means you can fit more at the top than the bottom. Also, the under-lid design keeps you from filling them up completely. They work pretty well otherwise.

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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Allergic to these after working in retail for 8 years. i’ll pass.

agree with the “doesn’t store as much as you think” comments.

The pictures are confusing in that it looks like this set of 6 includes only the smaller height size. The pictures appear to have a smaller and a larger size.

[MOD: That’s just to show how they can stack and nest. All ours are the 12 GAL.]

I bought this last go around. A little smaller than expected. But as it turns out much easier to carry vs. A bigger tote that would be wider anddeeper. So as I am moving my household goods these are ideal. To give you all a comparison to size these are the same size as an Apple Box. Just about Apples to Apples in storage capacity. But these are easier to carry because of the handles and the flip lids are nice keeping things inside. Good value and durable. Wish they had green last time.


We’re in the middle of a big reshuffling at work, and these damn crates are everywhere. (My stuff’s been in these crates for over 2 weeks now, because they screwed up the logistics.)

They’d look better to me, I’m sure, if they weren’t the stuff of nightmares right now.

But, that said:

  1. while they don’t hold as much as you’d think, they still hold a good bit of stuff.

  2. They’re extremely durable. If you buy a set of these, your children will be using them 50 years from now.

  3. They stack really well. I’ve got two stacks of 3 next to my cube, and it’s like a fortress wall there. I push against the top crate, and it’s like pushing against the side of a building.

I’m really, really tired of looking at the damn things, and I’m still tempted to buy a set.

I was shocked when I did a search on this page and didn’t find the word “goats” or “magoats” even a single time.

Don’t know what you’re talking about… We totes magoats already said that :slight_smile:

But seriously, ditto to the prior comments on durability. I worked IT for a food storage manufacturer and emergency essentials company for years, and we used these all the time. They are awesome for longer term storage and stacking. Not so hot for things that need to be stored on shelves and/or accessed frequently. For instance, our IT stuff had to often be thrown in these, which made for a pain to access when I needed to grab an extra power cord, video cable, or replacement keyboard.

[edit - addition]:
These can work alright with modular shelving for other uses too, like the metal shelves (Origami or other brands) that you find at Sams, Costco, Wally, Amazon, etc.

or behind riteaid pharmacy you can just pick up as many as you like.

So to clarify this set of 6 contains the smallest size box (of the 3 grey stacked ones pictured)? Do the sizes of the grey stacked containers go 12, 14, 16 gallon?

Are these the kind that pinch your fingers when closing because you have to interlace the lids? I have one that does that, but it might be due to it being a cheaper model and you have to carefully line up the tabs of the lids, which usually ends up pinching your fingers like a venus fly trap. Every time!

Hi - Stan from Akro-Mils here. I hope I can clarify the grey stack picture a bit. We make 3 totes with the same outside “footprint” of 21-1/2" Long x 15" Wide:

39085 8-1/2 Gallon 21-1/2 x 15 x 9
39120 12 Gallon 21-1/2 x 15 x 12-1/2
39170 17 Gallon 21-1/2 x 15 x 17

This Woot offering is for a case of 6 middle 39120 totes, our most popular size.


Home Depot has a $7 clear version of this crate that probably is not sturdy enough, and a $10 gray version that probably is. The last time these were on Woot, I went by HD and got a half dozen. They work fine, and they are in stock all of the time if I need more.

Nope. Not a deal. As stated. Home Depot has same ones for $9.97

If they had been $45.00 cheaper then I’d be in. Instead I’ll head to HD this weekend.

I am kind of in the same mindset. I bought a handful of the ones Contico made years ago and still use them today. Ands by years, I mean I bought them back in the 80, and even then they were only $6.99/ea. (one still has the price tag on it). Adjusted for inflation and all that, its $15/ea today, which would put them at the same price for 6, so I don’t see it as a great deal.

However, I do hate I missed this woot (I was traveling). If these are as durable as the contico ones, I would certainly love to get my hands on more of them.

Thanks all for the great feedback. Yes, many totes look alike and are in the marketplace at many prices.

Please know that the Akro-Mils 39120 totes have been tested and are stronger and designed for everyday commercial use.

One of the tests our lab performed was a drop test from 3 feet with 65 lbs. Results found that although our tote dented, many others split up the side.

I feel confident you will be happy with your purchase of Akro-Mils products.