Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

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Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice
Price: $94.99
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Condition: New


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Comments/Discussion from a previous sale

I know wooters have bought these. Let’s hear some reviews.

Photos show containers of three different height sizes. Description only gives one. Which is it? Six containers all the same height or two of each of the three sizes shown in images for a total of six? THANKS

I’ve got a dozen from about 6 months ago and a couple dozen I’ve had for 6+ years in an automotive restoration shop. I store lots of stuff, sometimes very heavy parts to the point it takes two people to carry the tote around. These things are awesome and I haven’t managed to break one yet.

So it states there are 6 but doesn’t specify what sizes or the mix.
Anyone know? The small ones look more trouble than they’re worth…

The description lists 15 wide by 12.5 tall, which I’d say is the middle box in that stack of 3. And on Amazon, the first picture shows the middle size.

Circa 1987 I got two bins from BJ’s that could be twins of these. They have been in continuous use as laundry baskets ever since. They survived college, multiple moves and 2 children. I noticed recently that the corners are starting to break and have been looking for replacements. Last time these were up, I got a six pack. If these are not descended from my old ones, someone did a serious rip off. They nest together with mine, the ribs are in the same place and the plastic appears to be the same type.

I wont tell you that these will last nearly 30 years doing whatever you plan on with them, but I will say that they are far better constructed than the pale imitations that I have settled for from the big box stores. The broken pieces of which are still being swept from my shop and tool shed.

One improvement that I noticed is that there is a new notch molded into the top rim which is in the right place to hold some metal flat bar, turning them into hanging file folder bins.

The picture does indeed show three different size bins. Assuming these are the same ones as the last sale, they are the middle (12 gallon) size, and are all the same. According to Akro Mills, they are rated to hold 65 pounds and can stack five high. I’m not sure I would stack them five high if they all had 65 pounds in them, but I weigh in at 190 and just stood on a couple of them stacked up. (Not an approved use, do not attempt at home.)

My Dad is creating a Woot account so he can order some, and I’m trying to keep myself from ordering 6 more cause my wife will kill me if I do.

Five outta five stars. Thrilled to have the ones I ordered a couple weeks ago.
(I tried to get some pictures in here, but I’m apparently not smart enough to do so. I think if you click through, the links will work.)

As idrivea911 noted, you’re getting the middle one in the stack. That photo shows how all can stack together. You’re getting the size shown in the individual photos.

I’ve seen these up a few times, and there have been different sizes posted. These are 12-gallon according to the description, and I bought a dozen of them back in January. Last time they were posted here they were a smaller size.

Now that the 12-gallon is back, I’m in for another set. These are great. Strong, no lid to lose, easy to stack, easy to carry. Much better than the Rubbermaid bins I usually use. Thanks for the “laundry basket” use mentioned above. I may have to dedicate one to that.