Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

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Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice
Price: $94.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days. (Thursday, Jul 21 to Friday, Jul 22) + transit
Condition: New


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Comments/Discussion from January’s Sale

Wow what a Bargain, where is the “Sold Out” sign. That is only:
$15.83 each (bogie golf)
Kicks butt on Home Depot’s cost…Er, uh, that is if it’s like a golf score (bogie price cost DOUBLED).
4 pack Exactly same (12 gal. Flip top) for $31.92 - That would be:
$7.98 each…ouch half the price…free delivery.

Seemed super speedy to pay $100/6 totes. Maybe I misinterpreted it???

“Exactly same”?! They’re quite differently constructed.

Perhaps you should compare it with a tote of actually similar build. Such as this:

Similar bin at HD

Only about $10 per tote, and available in stores.

Yes, HD has these for $10 a pop. And pop they will, 'cause they are cheap crap. (based on reviews on their site)

Industrial totes are not cheap, but they will last.

I bought a six pack of these a couple rounds ago. I also own the remains of several of the Home Depot specials you mention. Finally, I own two of these bins that are nearly indistinguishable from my recently purchased models that have been in use continuously for THIRTY years (OMG when did I get OLD?!?!).

The Home Depot versions are made of brittle plastic that breaks if you look at it cross eyed. These Akro Mills units are stout and are worth the ~$18 a piece.

Busted up during shipping is a bummer, the set I ordered and the set my Dad ordered came in with no damage. When possible, meeting the shipper and refusing delivery on bigger items like this that can be damaged in shipment is the best practice.

Do I need six more? hhmmmmmmm

I really hope this was posted as a funny…seriously hope it was. Especially the “Exactly same” part of it has me laughing this morning.

Woot is very repetitious. Woot are those guys who sell those totes that are better-than-consumer quality at a higher-than-consumer price.

Seems like a waste of the Woot Tools front page, IMO. Lots of different products out there, … but not here.

From personal experience:

Years ago (4 or 5?) HD sold the real deal Akro-Mils 12-gallon totes. I bought a bunch and they were something like 8 bucks each. I still have them and they are tough with lots of reinforcement and the lids totally close tight and I can sit on them.

Now HD sells their own HDX branded 12-gallon tote for around 8 bucks and they are NOT the same. They are thinner, lack critical reinforcement, and the lids dont interlock so good. I only buy these cuz i need totes and they are there.

They are NOT even close.

I’ve grabbed these twice, and have a total of 24 in a combination of gray, blue, and green.

My original order (gray) is wonderful and I love them. The second order (gray was sold out) was a bit of a disappointment.

The blue ones are misshapen so that the lid halves don’t fully meet like the gray ones do – I have to apply pressure on the two wide sides to squeeze them closer together to get them to meet properly. That’s even when empty. I think the green ones are fine (I don’t use them; my wife does.)

If I needed more I’d order more of the gray ones and hope for the best.