Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

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Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice
Price: $94.99
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Condition: New


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These are very deep. My husband uses them to keep vinyl albums in.

How is it that I think this comment was more to proclaim you listen to vinyl than love of the product, hipster?


I’ve been posting how much I love these every time they come up. First weekend in August, we went camping and used a couple of these to keep gear and food dry and organized.

Laundry baskets, file boxes, project organizers, the uses are endless. The Woot Akro Mills ones that I have are substantially stronger and less brittle than the Big Box Hardware store versions that inevitably get recommended as cheaper alternatives.

I use the heck outta mine.

The close-up shot of the Blue ones look different. The top has multiple tabs (which might make it harder to close) and the sides have a different reinforcing rib pattern. Is it a different photo or a different design? Are they the same thickness and over-all strength? Anyone know?

Great catch! Yes, in the single shot of the blue it does show a “fingered” style lid. The actual lid is more of a “wave” design as shown in the first photo with the multiple totes.

Hope that helps,


To Stan at Akro Mills. I am going to continue to post negative comments about how over 30% of these arrived cracked or damaged unless you provide information and a replacement. I ordered 3 sets of six and at least 6 were cracked or damaged. Woot will not refund.

Lisa - thanks for your feedback.

Have you had an oppty to reach out to our Customer Service team at either, or Toll Free: 800.253.2467 for replacement?


Hi Lisa. Did you order on a different account? The only purchase I found was from June 2015 of the Clear set.

If you want to message me your order info, I’ll check in with CS.

To Private Message me, click on the envelope next to my name in this post. To check your PMs for my response, click on the envelop near the top, to the right of Everything But Woot.

I expected better from Woot in terms of pricing. Boxes identical basically identical to these, maybe with a different manuf, can be purchased at Home Depot for $10/ea.

These things are the best. I have purchased three sets of these from woot and use them for everything from storing Christmas decorations to camping gear. They stack nicely and are super durable. I used this brand in an manufacturing facility 10 years ago and knew how well they hold up compared to the cheap ones sold at the orange and the blue stores.

Until you read the reviews on those.