Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

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Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice
Price: $94.99
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Condition: New


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Pay attention to the dimensions. This is for the smaller ones pictured in the first two pictures, not the deeper ones shown in all the individual pictures. This got me last time. They are great, just a lot smaller than I thought I was getting based off the pictures.

Also - the last time these were offered (clear only, not these exactly), they were $10 cheaper. Having a solid wall is more what I want, since it will prevent light from damaging some of my stored items - but it comes at a cost.

Thanks for your interest in these totes. The totes in this offer are also sturdier than the clear ones offered earlier with thicker side walls and stronger lid.


Thanks, i was going off the picture and it is very misleading. odd for Woot to do that

Outside and inside dimensions?

From the dimensions it looks like it is the middle sized one.

Here is the manufacturer website with the dimensions of all of them

The front page says they are the 12.5" high ones

go here and look for the model number (ends in 20) for inside and outside dimensions

it isn’t the smallest one though (those are only 9" tall, and these are 12 tall") - from the dimensions it is the middle sized one in the picture of 3

Not the smallest though - rather the middle sized one. The smallest is 9" high and these are 12. The tallest one is 17" according to the manufacturer’s website.

• Capacity (Gallons): 12
• Inside Height:12"
• Inside Length Bottom: 18-7/16"
• Inside Length Top: 19-3/4"
• Inside Width Bottom: 13-1/4"
• Inside Width Top: 14-1/2"
• Outside Height: 12-1/2"
• Outside Length: 21-1/2"
• Outside Width: 15"

My local CVS throws these away every week. So I pick up 5 or so at a time for free.

Picked these up last time and I love them. Solid, stackable (full or empty), and durable. I use two for camping equipment and toss them in the truck when I wanna go for the weekend. One ended up being left out in the rain and inside stayed dry! Very happy with this purchase.