Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

Comments/Discussion from a year ago

You could go to Lowes and buy fifteen 12 gal flip tops for this cost. Sure, not so industrial. Sure, lighter with less weight capacity. Sure, fewer color choices. All in all this Woot container is superior. But, isn’t it overkill for most folks?

Wow, the picture looks like a standard size storage container (18 gallon), but it’s actually very small. Only 12 gallon, with a height of 12.5 inches. Great for specific applications but not really geared for standard storage needs.

We used boxes very similar to these during an office move. They’re sturdy as heck. The capacity isn’t as good as others, but they’re easy to pick up and will keep your contents safe. They stack nicely and the lids open/close with ease.

We use the 17 Gal version (gray) at work - wonderful to be able to pack computer equipment inside & know it’s not going to get damaged. Can stack a few on top of each other in the back of the van, and they stay put, too.

I bought a pack of these for home use last time I saw them - I use them for storing lego sets that I don’t want to have damaged. Sure, I can buy cheaper ones - but these are well made, very sturdy, and I don’t have to worry about my investments losing value in them. Probably my only complaint is that Woot never offers the larger size (at least, not that I’ve seen).

If this offering is too much for your needs, and you can get away with something that isn’t as likely to hold up - buy a cheaper brand. If you care about having stuff survive, and it happens to fit this size container - absolutely buy them.

Most likely. I just bought six 12 gallon totes very similar to this at Lowes and paid $40. Sure they’re less industrial. But I’m about to move and needed some easy packing boxes. They’ll do just fine.

Agreed, 12 Gallons is too small. I bought 2 of the 12 gallons once and it was not what I was expecting.

Came here for the, “but but Lowes” comments. Was not disappointed.

Why do people insist on trying to convince people shopping for apples, that oranges are better?

These are the smaller 12 gallon size. Might be useful, but I expect them to be cheaper than this. I got 6 of the larger size from WOOT last year for the same price. Pass.

For better or worse, it’s a Woot tradition.

It’s as classic as asking if something is “Mac compatible?”. Or Wooters complaining about a particular shirt.woot design printing that other Wooters voted for.

Someone posted a link to an industrial supply house for similar containers. Here is the link for the ACTUAL grey containers @ $105/6 or $17.50 each.

P.S. That does not include shipping!