Toto Bathroom Stuff

A Toto sale with no refurbed washlets? What a missed opportunity.

the difference on most of these is the design of the back part, amazon has better pictures…

Yep, that would be a great upgrade for our Toto toilets, which are absolutely fabulous.


I was so hoping for a Drake II or a Washlet…

Me too… I need a washlette… Please…

Zappa - Toad-O


I noticed the sprayers have G 1/2" connections. Is this standard? I measured my current sprayer that I want to replace and the inside is 1/2", but measuring the whole part that screws is 3/4". Also what does the “G” mean in regards to the attachment? Is this also standard or does this only attach to specific line?

Does anyone know if hoses and attachment hardware are included with the handheld shower heads?

Hose and attachment hardware not included, though generic stuff at home depot fits just fine.

I do love this shower handle though.