TOTO Contemporary Toilet with Bidet

THIS, friends, is a sign of taking shit way too seriously.

Holy crap.

That looks an awful lot like the toilet in a pop-up camper I borrowed from a friend several years ago. I’m guessing that pop-up cost less than this toilet!

Why is this listed under outdoor decor?

ROFL. Miscategorized.

is this signed by Marcel Duchamp? Does it already do DNA analysis to detect early cancer? Is this just the wrong picture of the toilet and it’s really gold? what’s going on here?

So beautiful you will want it in your living room.

Dang, a limit of only 10.

Though one could have lots of fun with the remote control. ( Remote control? What??? )

Definitely the nicest toilet/bidet I have ever used. I’d buy one if I wasn’t getting divorced. Wait, maybe I’ll buy one, because I’m getting divorced… :slight_smile:

If I could afford a $3200 crapper I too would install it in front of a floor to ceiling window.

I’m having a “Bob’s Burgers” flashback. This toilet talks too, right?

Form an orderly queue at davidh’s house in New Jersey for a free tryout. Must have Costco Membership.

Fun Fact: That’s a $1400 toilet paper and remote control stand.

But you can find them for $980 online. I just ordered two.